Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyavan kidnaps kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and kalyavan in kanha’s house. At nightfall, everyone go to sleep and kalyavan sleeps near his horse in the verandah of the house. Kanha sleeps on his bed. At mid-night, kalyavan goes to kanha sleeping on his bed and he calls his 4 assassins, he says pick this kid with his bed and take him, now you will die kanha from my hands in front of kansa. Kalyavan thinks, Vishnu you play tricks with everyone, this time I will play my trick on you. Kanha smiles as he is not sleeping and thinks kalyavan, you wont be successful. The assassins pick kanha’s bed and they fly in the clouds with kalyavan behind them. They go ahead and land in a forest, the assassins keep the bed in mid-air. Kalyavan then comes down and picks the bed to keep it down. Kanha smiles and suddenly

the weight of the bed increases, kalyavan is not able to handle this weight and he gets pressed inside the ground deep. Kalyavan says what is happening? How did this weight increase so much? Kalyavan says no! he gets very angry. Kanha then gets up and goes back to vrindavan. Kalyavan says Vishnu you cheater, no one can cheat with me, not even death, I will kill kanha.
In vrindavan, kanha comes in the morning back to the village. The preparations are going on in the village and kanha comes to the village. He sees everyone decorating the mandap for the marriage of sawan and teej. Kanha goes back home and starts helping in the decorations and preparations.
There radha and all the people of barsana start going towards vrindavan with the baraat of the bride teej! Radha and her friends dance and everyone sing songs and play dhol and other instruments. The barsana people reach vrindavan and kanha and all stand for their welcome. Everyone come and radha says kanha, you don’t even know that the baraat people should be welcomed by using aarti plate and you should do their Pooja. Kanha says okay gopi, kanha brings the Pooja plate and he does everyone’s aarti, everyone smile and kanha’s friends throw flowers on the baraat people. Kanha then welcomes everyone in vrindavan.
There rituals start before marriage and the haldi and other rituals start. Women put haldi on the dolls of sawan and teej and kanha and his friends play haldi with radha and her friends. Everyone enjoy as women sing songs and men play dhols and everyone dance and celebrate.
There kalyavan is angry and he comes out of the ground. He says mahadev, give me the weapon that belongs to me, your astra, the weapon appears and kalyavan aims it from his bow. Kalyavan then says I will use this weapon and kill kanha and all people of vrindavan. Kalyavan aims it on kanha and attacks the weapon which even lord Vishnu cannot stop.
There radha says where did this kanha go? Mayur raj sits on a tree and gives signs and indications to radha that kanha is in danger. Radha says mayur raj, what happened? Please tell me where is kanha? Mayur raj indicates the direction.

Precap: radha is hurt on her head and fainted on kanha’s lap. All people are crying and kanha says wake up gopi! Everyone is sad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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