Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya diguises as a rishi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying brother calm down your anger, kartikeya says give me back my spear ganesh, I am in no mood to play tricks now. ganesh thinks I have to make brother understand, he says if you can then take the spear yourself. Kartikeya says okay then, if you get hurt then don’t tell me! Ganesh dodges with the spear as karyikeya runs behind him to take it back, kartikeya then leaps over ganesh and takes the spear. Ganesh says wow, you took it. kartikeya’s anger calms down and he says you were real quick with the spear ganesh, you are a good warrior and you have my respect but remember from next time target the spear at your enemy, that way he wont be able to take it from you. ganesh says okay. Ganesh says brother, I will tell you, we can defeat gyarahi and kill him but it wont stop there, when I killed durbuddhi, he said his son would come ahead to avenge his death and would fight against the gods. Ganesh says this way is gyarahi is dead, his son will arise and after him his son! The fight will go on and the hatred between demon and gods wont end, gyarahi’s son can be convinced about the god in this world and now he is of the age of a kid, he just needs a teacher who can guide him in the right path. Ganesh says once the hatred towards demons from gyarahi’s son subodh’s mind is removed, we will win then. Ganesh says but brother, you have to play an important role in it, you have to become the guru of subodh. Kartikeya says ganesh, you are my brother and most importantly you are my pratham pujya so it is my duty to listen to you, I will be the guru of subodh and preach good knowledge in him, but how will I make him my student? His mother is protective and she wont let him go with anyone else. Ganesh says I have noticed subodh everyday, nowadays he has become arrogant, rude and is going towards the hatred side, this time you can bring him to the side of dharma and peace, but you have to figure out how to become his guru, I will go to eat fruits and food. Ganesh goes. Kartikeya says okay ganesh, I will do something.
There subodh is in a forest as he meditates and then he sees a deer, he uses a catapult and hits the deer, it runs away. Subodh wanders here and there and he sees a squirrel eating food, he says that squirrel is so peacefully eating food, I wont allow that, I will kill it. subodh uses his knife to kill the squirrel, it runs away. Subodh then says where did I come? As he looks here and there, he sees a huge elephant running towards him. subodh says what do I do now? it is too huge and I cannot fight the elephant. Subodh is scared and he screams mother! Mother! Kartikeya comes disguised as a rishi and he sees the elephant and says now is the right time. Kartikeya goes and stands in between subodh and the elephant, he uses his hand and stops the elephant. The elephant is very wild and kartikeya starts pushing it behind. Kartikeya thinks, I know it is you ganesh otherwise any other elephant would have gone away. Ganesh says brother, it had to be me because I knew you would not get any other plan, I had to help you. ganesh says even I will show some of my powers. Ganesh pushes kartikeya behind.
Subodh’s mother rani datinki comes as she stands with her son. Kartikeya pushes the elephant behind and ganesh says now I shall go, rest you have to handle. The elephant goes. Kartikeya comes to datinki and subodh. Rani datinki says who are you? kartikeya says I have to rather ask you a question, what is your son so egoistic of? Why is he so arrogant? He hasn’t been taught good manners. Datinki says I am asur maharani datinki and he is my son asur rajkumar subodh, I am the wife of asur maharaj gyarahi. Subodh says who are you rishi? How dare you question my attitude? Kartikeya says when two elders are talking, a child dare not talk between them. Subodh gets scared and steps back. datinki thinks for the first time my arrogant son has listened to someone, I have to request this rishi to teach my son and be his guru. Datinki says rishi who are you? kartikeya says I am rishi skang, and I came back from meditation and was looking for a place to put my ashram. Datinki says you came at the right time, you put your ashram here rishi so that you can teach my son too. Kartikeya says your son is too arrogant and he doesn’t deserve me as his guru. Kartikeya is going. Datinki says son subodh, stop rishi skang, I don’t like this attitude of yours. Subodh thinks I have to stop that rishi now because of my mother. Subodh stops kartikeya and says rishi, please be my guru. Kartikeya says okay I shall be your guru subodh. Datinki says subodh already has 2 guru’s but he doesn’t listen to them. Datinki says I shall take you to the ashram. They all go to the ashram. There the 2 rishi’s come and subodh says it is time for them to go now as your are my new guru. Kartikeya does pranam to both rishi’s and says take their blessings and do pranam, they will stay here and help me as well. The rishi’s smile. Subodh says what? You want me to take their blessings? I wont do that. subodh says do as rishi skang tells you to. Subodh goes and takes both rishi’s blessings as they bless him. subodh thinks I suddenly felt a happiness, what was that?
There gyarahi reaches brahma lok and says brahma dev where is ganesh? Brahma dev says devi saraswati, can you see ganesh anywhere? Saraswati says no swami. Brahma dev says see, ganesh is not here, then how can I tell you? gyarahi says okay then, don’t tell me, my war is against gods so I will start from you both. Gyarahi walks towards brahma dev and saraswati, they both disappear. Gyarahi says what? Is everyone so scared of me?
Brahma dev and saraswati come to Kailash and say ganesh why did you tell us to disappear? Ganesh says trust me, if I want to then I can kill gyarahi now but it is of no use as that wont end the hatred between demons and gods.

Precap: Gyarahi says who is that rishi who is teaching my son to have peace and love, I want to meet him. ganesh says if gyarahi says anything much, then brother kartikeya will be angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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