Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Genda spies on Khoji

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu coming to meet uncle. Uncle doesn’t wake up. Puttan and Chaitu wait for him. Uncle wakes up. Chaitu says its me, I have come, tell me one thing. Uncle sleeps again. Dabbu says don’t know when will he wake up. Puttan gets a call and asks what, we will come. He asks Chaitu to come soon, minister and Genda is coming to meet you. Chaitu worries. Puttan asks Dabbu not to let uncle go. They leave. Chaitu and Puttan hide and enter the ward, till ministers come in. Chaitu lies on the bed. Genda asks where is Chaitu.

Puttan says he is sleeping. He makes excuses. Uncle says we won’t go without seeing Chaitu’s face. Genda says we want to see him. Puttan asks Chaitu to show his face. Chaitu meets them. Genda and everyone see him. Chaitu says I will take some days to get fine. Khoji asks do you have any special message for children. Chaitu says I will get fine soon, give votes to my party. Genda says we shall leave now. Khoji sees shoes and thinks this is the matter. Chaitu says we shall leave now. Puttan says we will go at night. Genda says Chaitu won’t get saved. Imli and everyone wait for Chaitu. Genda and uncle come to meet Imli. Imli says we are having pumpkin dishes, as its Chaitu’s fav. uncle says but he is in hospital. Malai says so what, we will eat pumpkin till then. Genda leaves. Malai says I will not leave Genda.

Puttan wakes up Chaitu and Boondi. He asks Chaitu to come fast, else uncle will pass away. Genda, uncle and Khoji take disguise to catch Chaitu red-handed. Chaitu comes to meet uncle. Dabbu says he won’t wake up on our saying. Chaitu scolds him. Dabbu says I love him a lot. Uncle wakes up. Chaitu says I have come, where is my money. Uncle says don’t fool me. Chaitu shows his face and asks where is my money. Uncle asks are you fine. Chaitu says yes. Uncle says your money… He faints again. Chaitu says I will be here till he gets conscious. Genda collides with Khoji. She says lets expose Chaitu together.

They see Malai inside the ward. They get shocked. Khoji says we have come to find truth, show me if Chaitu is resting. Malai scolds them and says you all will go jail. She sends all of them and says Genda won’t sit quiet, she will do something. Its morning, Khoji tells the breaking news, Genda has called specialist for treating Chaitu. Genda says he is big surgeon, he will cure Chaitu. Imli worries. Malai calls Puttan and asks him to get Chaitu to hospital, she will see Genda.

Chaitu says I don’t want to go to jail, do something Jha. Puttan makes Chaitu do sickness drama. He gets Chaitu home. Chaitu insults Genda. She says I will do your insult now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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