Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shambhasura fights lord vishnu.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shambhasura saying prabhu, you have to die so that even your son isn’t born. Kanha says you cannot outwit your death shambhasura, but yes there is one way you can live and be immortal. Kanha says shambhasura, my form of kanha was born because there is evil spreading in the world and whenever there is too much adharma and evil, I am born in a form to end all the evil. In treta yug, I was born as shree ram, so to kill me, you will have to kill shree ram first, because I took the form of kanha only after shree ram’s form, if you end him then I shall never be born as kanha, but also before that you have to kill my form of parshuram, and also my vamana form, my varaha form, my narsimha form and all my forms that I have taken till now so that kanha is never born.

Shambhasura gets angry and says okay Vishnu, I will be the one to kill all your forms, I will become victorious and then immortal by killing you. shambhasura says I will kill you too. Kanha closes his eyes and lord Vishnu appears in his huge size with many heads, all heads being different and that of each form of lord Vishnu in the past. Lord Vishnu says you can try shambhasura. Shambhasura removes his axe and throws at lord Vishnu but he creates a shield. Shambhasura says you will die. Shambhasura attacks an arrow but the shield stops it. lord Vishnu then throws back the axe at shambhasura, shambhasura holds it and laughs.
Indra dev says to brahma dev, prabhu Vishnu is nearing towards his anger and if he is angry then the world will be destroyed in an instance, do something prabhu. Brahma dev says his anger has to be calmed down.
The people of vrindavan are in the body of the fish, a gopi says I think we will all die here. yashoda says we have to keep our hopes, kanha will come and save us.
Lord Vishnu gets angry and he throws the axe and cuts shambhasura’s hand. Shambhasura screams and gets scared. Lord Vishnu attacks the sudarshan chakra on shambhasura. Shambhasura gets scared and says this chakra will kill me, I have to run. Shambhasura runs. Indra dev and brahma dev appear. Indra dev sings the prayer for lord Vishnu to calm him down. Brahma dev says Narayana! Please calm down, your anger may cause a huge catastrophe. Lord Vishnu closes his eyes and he listens to the prayer, he smiles and calms down and says brahma dev, I understand what is at stake, don’t worry. Shambhasura will meet his end at the right time. Lord Vishnu turns back into kanha. Indra dev does pranam and he and brahma dev go. shambhasura goes to the fish and picks it up, he says I will kill your parents paramavatar, you will never see their face in future. Kanha comes and says shambhasura leave that matsa, leave my parents and all the people of vrindavan. This is the last time I shall tell you.
There sudhama is tied to the tree with his siblings and they cry and say brother, why did we come here? this rishi will not let us live, he will kill us. Sudhama says I know that sudha and bhanu, but don’t worry our govinda is with us and I wont let anything happen to you. they all sleep and in the morning, as the sun rises they wake up. Rishi brahmanand comes with all rishi’s and some people and the same donkey. The people say sudhama did a miracle that day, he shouldn’t be tied like that. rishi says sudhama, so you made the donkey say mantras, if you do the same thing today, it will be proved you are mayavi and if you don’t, then you fooled everyone. Sudhama says to kanha’s statue, govinda please protect me and my siblings, please protect my self respect and please help me dear govinda. Sudhama touches the donkey and it makes hee-haw sound and says the mantra of lord Vishnu. Everyone is shocked and rishi says this is not possible, it is not possible. The people says sudhama is a divya person, he is someone sent by god.

Precap: rishi brahmanand says sudhama, you are mayavi and don’t deserve to live in this community with your siblings, you shall be killed. Sudhama is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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