Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update Kulfi missing Sikander.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kulfi says he didnt even talk to me, Tevar says stop crying my kid i can’t see you cry and dances for her,and starts singing,that reminds Kulfi of Sikander and how he made her laugh when she was sad, seeing Kulfi not smile Tevar hugs her.
Lovely puts crying Amyra to sleep, Sikander stands at door and watch her,Tevar puts Kulfi to sleep,he leaves and Kulfi wakes up. Amyra sees Sikander at door, Sikander starts singing, Amyra starts crying. Kulfi hears his voice and rushes to window and starts crying, Amyra walks to Sikander, Sikander smiles and gets on knees and says sorry, Amyra closes the door in anger, Sikander breaks down. Tevar sees Kulfi cry holding Sikanders shirt and starts crying.

Tevar walks to Kulfi next morning and says its gonna be exciting day. Bebe says Sikander

its Janmashtami and i want ammu home today, Sikander looks at Lovely, both leave,Mohendar asks what about Kulfi,Bebe says she has father now. Tevar says Kulfi put your legs in this flour,Kulfi says but its food,Tevar says its a ritual for Janmashtami do it, Kulfi about to slip, Tevar holds her, Kulfi says thank you,you saved me, Tevar says nothing will happen to you, i Love you a lot, On occasion of Janmashtami Tevar narrates story of lord Krishna to Kulfi,Kulfi imagines herself in situation and Sikander and Tevar too and shouts no no, and again starts talking about Sikander and Amyra,she hears jonny bark and rushes out,and hugs him and says i missed you so much

Amyra shouts Jonny come back, Kulfi says go Jonny,Amyra walks to Kulfi and shouts stop it stay away from my things,Tevar says Amyra enough she is my daughter treat her well, Amyra says you promised you will be on my side, this greedy snatched you too and runs away, Tevar says forget her let’s go arrange dahi handi,Kulfi asks whats that, Tevar explains her,Kulfi says wow i want to see it and who wins it, Tevar thinks your happiness is what matters and says your papa will get it,Amyra says this Kulfi why does she get so much love. Cutie says lovely i can’t force Amyra, Amyra walks in and sees Sikander and Lovely, Amyra pushes Sikander away, Sikander says please forgive me, Lovely says forgive us, punish us but lets go home, Amyra says win dahi handi for me then, Sikander smiles and says done.

Everyone dressed gathers for dahi handi, Amyta walks with lovely and Sikander, Sikander looks for Kulfi and both see each other.

Pre cap : Sikander and Tevar face off, Amyra tells Kulfi i told my dad to win this competition for me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I just wish amyra would disappear n leave kulfi with sikandar

  2. What an ironic turn of events! Two fathers with each others daughters! Don’t think Amyra will ever feel assured of Sikander’ s love, no matter what he does….and he does keep making blunders. Also it is unforgivable for Lovely to taint the purity of the bundle…. Last true link to Kulfi’ s identity.

  3. Amyra Is Innocent Too

    I feel for Amyra. She is just a child and feels insecure about her father’s love. Of course she would behave this way. It’s the “adults” around her who are psycho (Lovely), deranged (Cutie), selfish (Grandma), timid (Mohendra), cheater (Sikander), greedy (Mami).

    Only innocents in the show are Kulfi, Amayra, Mama (and his children), Tevar, and Johnny!

    1. I beg to differ. Amayra and Tevar are not innocent. When a child knows “right” from “wrong” and continue to do wrong for her own selfish reason, she is not innocent. Yes, Amayra maybe hurt because of Sikander, but that does not give her the excuse to cause trouble and pain on others. Also, Tevar may not know Amayra is his daughter, but he does know Lovely is a married woman. Yet, he still pursues her. That is not the act of an innocent man. Tevar is selfish too.

  4. Hah this is the time when u are free to gift a tight slap to ur kids
    i mean Amayra just 5/6 and acts like 18+
    give her a tight slap and she will mend her ways easily
    by agreeing with her stupidity doesn’t make u great parents obviously
    it shows how irresponsible u r as parents

  5. Why cant sikander be manly

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