Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update : Manju Bua’s soul.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says bhabhiji look i got kite,Angoori says good this means we can write note to bua,Vibhu says why not,tell me what to write,Angoori says write i miss her a lot, and does she come down sometimes, Vibhu says no that means she is turned ghost,Angoori says but i see her so many times,Vibhu scared and says okay tell a secret close to your heart you wish to tell her and no one knows, Angoori says okay yes,once while we were sleeping me and Tiwari,he was snoring so loud that i pushed him off bed and no one knows about it. Vibhu says okay a guy close to your heart, Angoori says off course and smiles,Vibhu excitex,Angoori says Tiwari.

Saxena walks to Vibhu and Angoori,he insults Vibhu and says you are shame to our society,Vibhu slaps him and he leaves, Vibhuti says other than husband,

Angoori says tilu bhaiya,Vibhu says may be neighbour,Angoori says Anu,Vibhu sats are you forgetting someone,Angoori says oh yes Pelu he is so good at heart, Vibhu says cmon lets go fly kite.

Commissioner flying kite, Tiwari and Anu walk to him,Anu says im here to complain, Commissioner says that wasnt me,Anu sats anyways i was here i mean think if you are walking and a knife cuts your hand how you feel, Commissioner says just like Thakur from sholey,Anu says feel it, Tiwari says if you are at top of building and a rope entagles and drops you down, Commissioner says what you guys are for here why should i think,Anu says if you don’t how will you understand the birds pain, commissioner says i cant support your anti kite moment’,todays kids dont come on ground to play the have become mobile addicts,kites get them out so this wont be banned so sorry,A kite rope cuts commissioner half mustache and he says i will join for sure.

Vibhu flying kite,Angoori says wow the kite is so high, Vibbu says will you try,Angoori says i haven’t tried yet, Vibhu says theres always a first time,Angoori says okay and starts flying kite,Vibhu enjoys watching her, Angoori misses the kite and says oh no, Vibhu says no it reached your aunt, Angoori says oh im so thankful.Vibhu says cmon lets fly another kite.

Vibhu asks Anu what is she painting, Anu says working on new moment anti kite flying,Vibhu says whats the problem, Anu says it harms the birds, Vibhu says kids get injures while playing we don’t ban sports then, so whats wrong,anu gives cold looks ,vibhu says that will be reasons will be by haters,Anu says so you with me,Vibhu says no im right behind you,Anu says my Vibhu is so sweet, Vibhu says you are so good baby,Anu says i love you Vibhu,now make this placards.

Manju bua at bedroom doors wakes up Angoori,Angoori wakes up,and walks to bua and asks how is she,Bua says dead anyways how are you,Angoori says good but why did you go suddenly anyways tell me how use to make pudina chatni i use to love it,bua says i forgot it, but do you remember Just for that,Angoori says oh no i miss you all the time,Tiwari wakes up and sees Angoori talking alone and walks to her, Angoori says look because of you bua went again,Tiwari says she went long back, Angoori says Manju bua was here i was talking to her she left her soul was here, Tiwari gets scared, Angoori says why get scared, Tiwari says ask bua not to come,Angoori says she is a good women and very knowledgeable woman very inspiring,and i sent her a note through kite,Tiwari says look you should sleep now, Angoori says i have to wiat for bua, Tiwari says not now come lets go to bed,Angoori says im waiting bua.Tiwari switches of the lights and bua comes back

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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