Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya injures tarkasura.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya saying fight me tarkasura! Fight me now. tarkasura gets worried and then says no kartikeya not you. I will not fight you because you are a kid, and I don’t fight kids because what if I kill you by mistake? Then I will be a part of the sin of killing a child, I don’t want that. kartikeya gets angry and says what? You are a demon and since when did you start thinking of sins and good? Why don’t you want to fight me? Yesterday you yourself promised to come here today and fight me, now you are backing off like a coward? Is it because you are scared? Come and fight me kartikeya, because now I challenge you to fight me and if you cannot fight me then surrender and accept defeat.
Tarkasura says no! I shall not accept defeat, do you think this is a joke? i am too powerful for you. kartikeya says then prove it. tarkasura removes a spear and attacks towards kartikeya. Kartikeya removes his bow and attacks a divya arrow. The arrow flies towards the spear and cuts it in half, tarkasura is shocked. the arrow goes and hits tarkasura injuring him. tarkasura is in pain as he removes the arrow and looks at his fresh wound.
Mata kali says before when I and veer bhadra ji fought tarkasura, he could resurrect and his wounds would close because he has a wish from brahma dev but now it wont close and he shall remain injured because it is kartikeya’s arrow and every attack kartikeya puts will injure tarkasura more because kartikeya is destined to kill tarkasura.
Tarkasura thinks I cannot be injured, I have to defend myself. Kartikeya attacks many arrows together and tarkasura gets hit by many arrows, tarkasura is very injured and he flies in air by the blow from the arrows and falls down a valley. Indra dev says tarkasura has fallen down the valley, he is finally dead. Kartikeya says no, I wont believe that until I have seen him dead myself. Mata kali says tarkasura is not dead, in the valley that he fell is the temple of my form of Devi tara, tarkasura will pray now to impress devi tara and he will ask a boon from her, he will become more powerful than before. He has to be stopped from doing the yagya and Pooja for devi tara. Kartikeya says then I shall go to stop him, you all stay here and I shall try and stop tarkasura. Kartikeya goes.
Tarkasura falls down in the valley and his 3 sons come, tarkaksh, vindhurmali and kamlaksh. They get worried and say father, we will go and take revenge we will kill kartikeya. Tarkasura says no sons, if you want to stay alive then do as I say and pray and meditate, get a boon from brahma dev and become all powerful as I am. Tarkasura says did you do as I said? Have you prepared for the Pooja of mata tara? I will pray to her and become powerful, I will kill kartikeya. Tarkasura is going and he says if you want to help me, then keep kartikeya out of the cave until I finish praying. The sons say yes and tarkasura goes.
Kartikeya arrives near the valley and vindhurmali uses his powers and picks the earth below kartikeya above. Kartikeya says why is the ground moving? This place is being defended by someone. Vindhurmali says mahadev son, I wont let you get past here, you shall die!

Precap: Kartikeya starts fighting vindurmali. Tarkasura prays to mata tara and impresses her by his Pooja, he gets the boon and gets powerful. Tarkasura gets back on the battlefield.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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