Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update : Anitas Tarot Card Reading

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says my video has 12 lakh likes, Vibhu says whats in it to have so many likes, and its sad that people want to see such things, and stop Whining, control your emotions. Tiwari says im a joke, and today at shop a man bought underwear and gave it to me,you wont understand my pain, Vibhu says i do, and your pain is troubling bhabhi ji and her curses me and so tell yourself all is well. Tiwari says it isnt 16 lakh.

Vibhu sees Angoori and hides says why did i do that to Tiwari now bhabhi troubles me, Gupta greets him, Angoori asks whats wrong, Vibhu says nothing, Angoori asks okay tell me do you know any good ladies tailour mine ran away, Vibhu says how stupid of him, i dont know anyways. Angoori says i though you are unemployed so might be knowing. Saxena walks to them and asks how is Tiwari did he come out if trauma, he is going through so much bad, whole colony is teasing him. Vibhu pushes him away. Angoori says that man who did to him,Vibhu says forget him, Angoori says how could i, I will curse him, he insulted my husband, may a woman slap him, A woman comes abd slaps vibhu calling him rakesh and says oh sorry you arent Rakesh. Vibhu says bhabhi its just a coincidence what you want to stitch, Angoori says forget that why is it always you let me try it again, let police arrest that man, a man comes running to Vibhu and hands him bundles of money. Police arrests vibhu, Angoori gives him cold looks.

Hapu walks to Anu and says your prediction came true, Vibhu hearing them, Hapu says congratulations though bye i have to leave. Angoori walks in and says im in tension nothing is good anyways i heard you are into traot reading whats my prediction. Anu asks her to pick her a card and reads it and says after some time you gonna slap the man staying front of you, Angoori says you stay meaning Vibhu. Anu says oh god but your tarot card says it.

Vibhu walks to Angoori and says im here to apologise and says the towel, Angoori says the one who did i curse him, Vibhu says i did that, Angoori says what, Tiwari hears that and runs behind Vibhu heating him. Tiwari says I will kill you, Angoori says ask him why did he do so, Vibhu says i was repairing my fan in balcony and he came there the fan started working and then it happened. Angoori says he apologized and it was by mistake forgive him. Vibhu says bhabhiji if you have forgiven its all i care, Tiwari gets notification of 20 lakh likes, Vibhu says you are a celebrity. Angoori says you are famous.

Boys and Hapu having drinks, Hapu says im so happy, Teeka asks why, Hapu i was the man of the party, you three my favourite people asked me not to wipe the shit , and commissioner and seniors started laughing and says you are talented you should be promoted, Tilu makes fun of Hapu, Hapu enjoys it and says you are allowed you are my friends. Teeka in name of making fun starts hitting Hapu. Malkan signs Tilu to continue. Tilu says lets go mamaji must be breathing his last, and start crying.

Hapu asks who mama, Teeka says his mama is unwell and won’t be treated because he has no money, and so will die. Hapu slaps Tilu and says you have me, tell me, Tilu says 12000, Hapu says here 15000, and save mama. Boys take money and leave. a boy walks to Hapu and says uncle you having alcohol i will go tell your son Hrithik, Hapu asks what you want, He says recharge my mobile, Hapu says okay but dont tell Hrithik.

pre cap : Angoori says i love performing pooja and asks Vibhu do you perform Pooja too. Gulfamkali boys and Putan scold Vibhu and says because of you my bar is destroyed and now till you mend it Mishra house will be my place.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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