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Hi guys , sorry for the late update but I was busy on my studies ? I hope you will enjoy this chapter ? so plz continue to support me ? 

So this is love ❤️????

But then Kritika calls Sanskar & he answer it leaving Ragini meanwhile she covers herself shyly ?..

KRITIKA:San…Sanskar  mom got anheart attack? plz come in the hospital with Ragini ??.. (she cuts the phone)…?

SANSKAR: Ishita aunty got an heart attack , we have to go the hospital  ???…

Ragini gets teary eyes and scream “mom”??? meanwhile Sansksr hugs her ❤..

He cares her face ??? & wipes her tears ❤…

SANSKAR: Plz don’t cry I can’t see you like this, plz be strong .. Ishita aunty will be fine?(he it hugging Ragini)❤…

RAGINI: Now I need you ,you will be with me nah ??

SANSKAR:Humesha & forever ?

They share a cute eyelock ?

Raman & Kritika were already in the hospital & both were worried ?…

RAMAN: This is your fault Kritika! !! You are a tension for us ? Why did you told Ishita that you still love Sanskar & wants him at any cost!!!! Listen Kritika , he is now your sister’s husband & when Ishita will be fine , you will get married with Karan & this is my final decision ??

This words hurt Kritika a lot ? but then she see Sanskar & runs to hug him ? but he stops her leaving Kritika shocked ?

SANSKAR: Kritika, this is not the right time ?(he puts his hand on Ragini’s shoulder)?…

KRITIKA:Oh really  to tumare , I need you in this time but you …Stay with Ragini? be happy with her? (she runs away crying ?)

Sanskar was worried about Kritika ? meanwhile Ragini hugs Raman ❤…

RAGINI: Papa , mom will be fine nah ?..??

RAMAN:Yes my dear ? she needs our prayers ??

Then the doctor comes & tell them that Ishita is out of danger ?

Raman hugs Ragini & they not get relief but then Raman’s eyes go on Sanskar ?

RAMAN: Tell your husband to leave from here , I don’t want to see his face ?

Sanskar was feeling really bad  ? & he leaves from there meanwhile Ragini follows ? & holds his hand ❤ 

RAGINI:Plz don’t leave me , don’t take his words seriously ? he is angry with you but he is very nice   ?…

Sanskar wipes her tears ?meanwhile she eyes him ?

SANSKAR: Don’t was te your precious tears ❤  ? I am with you nah ?…U know he is angry with me & his anger is justified, I didn’t take his words in a bad way ?…

He makes her smile ?? & say “Bajirao chahta hai ki uski Mastani usko ek smile de?”..

She smiles & hugs him titly ?

Kritika was crying ? & remember how Sanskar stops her from hugging him & how he puts his hand on Ragini’s shoulder ??

KRITIKA: I just hate you Ragini , you are snatching my love from me & I can’t tolerate this ? he is only mine & I will get him at any cost .. just wait & the watch because everything is fair in love & war?

Ragsan  interrupt their hug ? & both smiles seeing eachother ?

N:Thank you for make me smile in this difficult time ? you are a good guy ? Now I get to know that why Kritika is crazy for you  ? Anyone can fall in love with you ?…

Sanskar was stunned by her words ?..

SANSKAR: That means you are love with me??

Ragini blush ? and avoid eye contact with him ?? but Sanskar cares her face ?..

SANKAR: Bow what happened ?? Why you are not looking at me  ?…

He gets close to her lips ? but he kisses her cheek ? meanwhile Ragini  close her eyes ??…?? then she cared his face ? She  kisses his forehead ? & runs away leaving Sanskar speechless ?❤…he touch the place where he kiss her ??…and litarly smile ?…

SANSKAR:This girl is so  sweet ?my heart say that I have feelings for her ❤ but my mind say I love Kritika I am so confused right now ?….

Ragini & Sanskar arrives at home & see their room decorated romantically ? they both look at eachother awkwardly  ?..

SANSKAR: I think Anika di has done this? hmm let’s drink at least because I am thirsty? ?…

Ragini makes a fake smile & they drink that special drink ?(Anika has mixed something to bring them close)

After drinking  Ragsan were feeling strange ( they were drunk) & then they had an eye contact ? He pushes her close to hum & holds her titly ?

SANSKAR: You know that I have a secret

Ragini comes close to him ?

RAGINI: What secret my dear hubby (she laughs )

SANSKAR: That I have feelings for you my dear wifey

He makes her turn ? he kisses her shoulder ? Ragini’s heartbeat was really fast ?

RAGINI: I fell in love with you ❤️ I Love….

Sanskar kisses Ragini passionately ? meanwhile she open his shirts buttons ? Sanskar make her turn & open her dress ? & kiss her back ????Ragini pushes him on the bed & comes top of him ?? she kiss? all his face but Sanskar changes their position ?? they eyes eachother intensely ??❤? he kiss her whole body meanwhile Ragini feels it & finally  they became one soul ?


They were drunk but their feeling for each come out ❤️ So now what will happen ? I wrote this chappy in 30 minuts ? I hope you will liked it?

PS: I am writing another RAGSAN story so stay tuned



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