Mere Sai 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shanta’s Cunning Nature

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Mere Sai 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Wicked woman Shanta reaches Jhipri’s house and introduces herself as Jhipri’s aunt. She scolds Jhipri if she does not know to respect elders. Jhipri touches her feet. Shanta gazes Jhipri and thinks she has grown up beautiful and scolds Jhipri’s mother to get something to eat. Jhipri’s mother runs to kitchen.

Sai teaches making lamp wig to Govinda, Pari, Udhav and other kid. Keshav enters with sweet box. Sai tells kids that it will rain now. Kids say wig will be wet then. Sai says it is sweet shower. Keshav showers toffees on all kids. They look mesmerized. Govinda happily hugs Keshav and says he was missing him a lot. Keshav says even he was missing his blackmailing brother. Govinda says when Keshav was in uncle’s house, he did something big. Sai says he fought with Kulkarni and got back water to Shirdi people. Keshav says he is proud of his younger brother and gets angry regarding his father’s misdeeds. Sai says they will reap what they sow. Keshav and Govinda’s bonding continues.

Shanta tells Jhipri and her mother that she is living a lavish life with her son Prahlad and bahu, they obey her every order. She shows dry fruit box and says her son Prahlad loves his sister Jhipri a lot, so he sent it to her, it is very costly and they would not have eaten it in life yet. Jhipri excitedly walks to her. Shanta gives her a single piece each for her and her mother and keeps box with herself and starts munching. Jhipri sits shocked. Champa enters. Jhipri introduces Shanta aunty to her and she greets Shanta. Shanta arrogantly says ok ok. Jhipri asks some dry fruits for Sai. Shanta says she heard about this beggar who stays in dilapidated house, why he needs dry fruits. Jhipri says it is up to her what to do with her gift, they don’t eat anything without sharing it to Sai, Sai takes whatever they give. Shanta fills dry fruit shells in a bag and walks with Jhipri and Champa to Dwarkamayi.

Jhipri with Champa takes Shanta to Dwarkamayi. Shanta sees Sai giving ash to patient and asks howmuch money he takes. Jhipri laughs and says Sai does not take money and takes only food. Sai greets them. Jhipri introduces Shanta as her aunt. Shanta arrogantly says she heard a lot about him that he can read people’s mind, but he looks a normal beggar. Sai reveals that she got married to a potter at young age who died soon, she had to bear her in-laws’ taunts, she had a son. Shanta angrily says he is alive and thinks how he knows so much about her, Jhipri’s mother should have informed her. She gives shell bag to Sai. Jhipri resists, but Shanta arrogantly says she told Sai will eat anything. Sai takes bag and eats shells.

Precap: Shanta mixes some powder in Jhipri’s food and thinks she will see how Jhipri will not marry.

Update Credit to: MA

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