Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update – The trader gets blessings from Prabhu Narayan.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raja Chandraketu tells his minister to check if any trader & his son in law had come into our territory while Raja goes to see in the prison to meet whom he had given punishment & he asks them that are you getting proper food but trader tells him now you have come here to ask us instead ask your guards about the taste who ate those food & Raja steers his guards in anger.
Raja’s minister comes telling him that yes one trader & his son are these who had arrived & trader says that instead hearing our side you wrongly punished us only hearing from your guards & Raja remembers what Prabhu had told him & he immediately orders minister to release both of them. The trader tells him that since so long we were here so do not know what must have happened with our wealth & also wasted our time of business & Raja assures them I’ll give you double the wealth which you had earlier for recovering your loss of time in business but please forgive me to punish you wrongly & he forgives Raja happily appreciating him.
Raja orders minister to provide them Raja’s food & also one more boat with equal wealth they had earlier. Trader gets double the wealth with boat & getting delighted selfishly seeing all the boxes.
Brahamdev says this was end of third lesson in which what we learnt will be described by Ganesh. Ganesh says that to take oath isn’t wrong but to not to respect & not performing is absolutely wrong & they all hail name of Prabhu Satyanarayan while Mansa comes near hearing it & expresses her anger saying that now the third lesson has also finished & still they didn’t felt to call me hence they are now answerable to me.
Brahmadev says that now the fourth lesson will start of the trader itself which is still to complete but Devsena asks him that was already finished when he got all his wealth & he became rich but Brahamdev tells her still ahead when he got the wealth what happened is yet to be dictated.
Goldhwaj says that when I got the wealth I became more selfish.
The trader is feeling the jewellery in such a way as never felt earlier while his son in law tells him now let’s leave as still we do not know how Kalavati & mother must be but he is still telling him to wait & let me enjoy the feeling of jewellery.
Devi Laxmi asks Narayan that still the trader isn’t feeling anything for his family in his selfishness after getting so much jewellery so how can he behave this way but Narayan tells her that these are such bad qualities which affect human’s life then too we have to look after our devotee.
A Rishi naming himself Dandi Swami but in disguise of Prabhu Narayan comes to meet the trader who is about to leave & they both pray him as son in law feels him like Prabhu. The trader’s son in law asks Rishi how can we help you & Rishi tells him that if you can give me some money from your wealth & the trader’s son trying to give but the trader stops him & tells Rishi that we have no wealth as we were imprisoned for no reason due to which our health conditions in bad state & also these boxes contain only grass inside & Rishi leaves telling him that you must be true what you are saying.
The trader is laughing on Rishi while his son in law says this was not good but he tells him we are business people & earned this wealth after so much suffering not to keep donating this way. The trader tells him to check the boxes again but finds wealth converted into grass & he gets shocked falling unconscious also but his son in law makes him conscious & he is keeping on crying for how all his wealth got converted into grass. His son in law understands & tells him that it was your mistake lying Dandi Swami that’s why you got this punishment.
They both go to search Swami & find him under a tree meditating & they are pleading him while Rishi Swami opens his eyes as trader sees Prabhu Narayan in him & he pleads Prabhu while Prabhu tells him your family is doing Satyanarayan Pooja for you that’s why you are safe but you never respected inspite taking oath & only kept on earning wealth selfishly which is earned through my blessings itself & they faced so much trouble after losing the wealth you had kept for them getting stolen by thieves. They went on begging for food inspite you so big trader. The trader feels shameless about all his deeds which ultimately affected his family itself & he pleads for forgiveness & assure Narayan that now henceforth I won’t disrespect any oath taken.
Devsena thinks I was always selfish about my jewellery which I had more than Valli but actually I have to share with her also while Valli also feels that I was also feeling selfish seeing Devsena Didi’s jewellery which is wrong & Devsena puts her bangles on Valli’s hands in emotions by which Mata Paravati feels very glad thinking Satyanarayan’s Pooja spreads not only wealth blessings but happiness within the family also.
Prabhu Narayan provides the wealth again reconverting from grass & the trader tells Prabhu that now I do not wish this but only to be your devotee forever spreading belief of Satyanarayan Pooja in this world by which all will be blessed.

Precap: Goldhwaj says due to Prabhu’s blessings I got the birth of Raja Mordhwaj. Son of Raja asks him such a question which shocks him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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