Indiawaali Maa 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan cries on losing Cheenu

Indiawaali Maa 4th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku decorating the house. Cheenu sees her and recalls Kaku’s words. She gets seated. Vasu says Akshay would be coming now. Rohan comes with Kesar. Akshay says I have invited Rohan. He holds Cheenu’s hand and kisses. Meenu cries. Rohan says I was finding you. Kaku says I came here for the decorations. Rohan gets upset. Murthy says attention everyone, its a moment of joy for me. Meenu goes and cries. Kesar sees her. Cheenu and Akshay dance. Cheenu and Rohan recall their moments. Rohan comes on the dance floor. He dances with Cheenu. Meenu comes in between and dances with Akshay. Janam janam….plays…. Kesar smiles.

Murthy gets angry and stops the music. He says its done, we shall start mehendi now. Akshay taunts Rohan. He says you can’t get Cheenu back, she is mine. Vasu sees the mehendi bowl fallen there. She says mehendi fell down. Murthy gets angry and scolds her. He asks how will mehendi come now. Kaku says I have mehendi. She gets the mehendi.

She says I told you, I will be with you, come. She gets mehendi. She asks Vasu to apply mehendi to Cheenu. Vasu goes to Cheenu. Cheenu stops Kaku. She says you apply the mehendi. Kaku says why not, I m also your mum. She applies the mehendi. Rohan looks on and cries. Cheenu also cries. Akshay says your mom is also supporting us now, no games and strategy now. Rohan turns away. Kaku writes Akshay’s name in Cheenu’s hand. Kaku asks Vasu to apply mehendi now. Kaku goes after Rohan. Kesar introduces herself to Meenu and talks to her about Akshay. She says I don’t think you are happy with this engagement. Rohan says Cheenu is mine, I can do anything to get her, I didn’t expect this from you. Kaku says she is my daughter as well, I m your mum, its not an easy thing for me.

He says you don’t want to support me, I know Cheenu, she just loves me, why are you going against me, you go and do your dharm. He goes. Kaku cries. Cheenu looks on. Kesar says I like you, do you like Akshay. Meenu says why are you saying this to me. Kaku says I understood it. She says I can help you, tell me, do you like Akshay. Meenu says yes, I like him a lot. Kesar says then tell your dad, he will get you engaged with him. Meenu says he knows everything, but he wants Akshay for Cheenu, Akshay doesn’t want me, he doesn’t even look at me, I feel that if I don’t get him, then maybe I will die. Kesar says then die. Meenu asks what are you saying. Kesar says people give life in love. Meenu asks are you mad.

Kesar says not for real, just fake, Akshay will know you love him a lot, he will accept you, will you do this. Meenu says yes. Kesar smiles. Kaku gets food for Rohan. She doesn’t see him. Rohan is at Cheenu’s house. He hides from Murthy. Vasu asks Cheenu are you sure you will wear this saree, not this lahenga. Cheenu says this lahenga is beautiful, but not of my mom, this saree is last sign of my mom, I will wear this, thanks. Vasu stops her and says you never accepted me as your mum, but I do regard you my mum.

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  1. When ‘Kaku’ was shown stepping out of the house and gaining confidence to get herself employed despite her educational limitations, I really felt the serial was moving forward in a progressive direction. However, everything has gone downhill since then. Everything has become over-dramatic.
    ‘Chinnamma’ is no longer the confident and responsible adult who took decisions for herself and stood by them. She is now too weak and vulnerable to not give in to the demands of ‘Murthy’ and ‘Akshay’. I understand that the break-up with ‘Rohan’ and the miscarriage might have affected her emotionally, but she had decided to become financially independent. This ‘dramatic’ ‘transformation’ in her character was not expected, and is, in all honesty, annoying.
    ‘Rohan’ had started showing positive signs in terms of his temperament and handling of day-to-day affairs, but his inability to prove himself as the right ‘partner’ for ‘Chinnamma’, not only financially, but also emotionally, is taking the serial nowhere.
    ‘Kesar’ ‘Mausi’ might have the right intentions for ‘Rohan’ and ‘Chinnamma’, but her advice to ‘Meenamma’ was wrong in every aspect. Why should ‘Meenamma’ enter a compromised relationship and sacrifice her happiness? This is the 21st century, where forced relationships never work. ‘Akshay’ shall never keep her happy, even if she does end up marrying him. He has shown his true colours, of being no less of a ‘chameleon’ as ‘Murthy’.
    I still watch the episodes, for I have been watching the serial since it started airing on Sony TV. However, my curiosity levels have dipped considerably. I sincerely hope the writers of the serial do not disappoint, and generate engaging content: without giving in to the TV serial ‘tropes’ for TRPs.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes sudha, you are absolutely right, i too have the same view as yours.

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