Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar details Mayura

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura falls. Omkar holds her. He says if you fell who would do preps for my and Ash’s wedding. Mayura says thank you for saving me. Tomorrow is very important for me. The fight is left. My ego and my pride isn’t shattered. We will see who wins. She makes a line on her hand. It bleeds. Omkar says why did you make a line like me on your hand? Mayura says you will know tomorrow. She leaves.

Scene 2
Haldi starts. Manjali says we can do it together. We are one family. Manjali says let me see where this Mayura is. She had to bring Haldi. Mayura brings haldi. Omkar recalls Mayura said she will destroy him. Omkar puts haldi on Mayura’s face. Manjali says what did you do? This is your and Ash’s haldi. Mayura holds Omkar’s arm. She says Omkar ji? Answer what maa ji said. Why? Let me answer her. Omkar had doubts if I mixed anything is this haldi so he was testing it on my face first. You look scared. It’s okay to be scared. Say it in open. Wise people have fears. She says I told you, there’s a difference between you and me. I don’t want to be like you. Your heart is stained and I have a clean heart even if there’s a scar on my face. I won’t harm another girl to tease you. Don’t worry. Everything is fine. Go and do your haldi.

Omkar tries to go. He falls. Mayura’s face haldi touches his face. Mayura says oh this is shagun. Do you want to answer me? All this doesn’t feel like you wanna go away from me. It’s okay. She applies it on his face. I will wait for tonight.

Manjali says to Omkar you look so good. Forget all the past and move on. Let all dark things go away. Your new life is starting. Start it with happiness. I only want to see you happy with Ash’s stainless beauty. Let me take evil eye off you. Nothing would go wrong. Mayura comes there. She takes the evil eye off in reverse. Omkar sees her. Omkar says I will be back maa.

Mayura comes to Shankar and discusses the plan. Omkar hears all this. Shnakar leaves. Omkar comes and says I saw everything. you were taking evil eye off me in reverse. What is going on in your mind? What is your mission? Tell me. Mayura says I won’t go away from you. Signing papers do not matter to me. You can’t get rid of me. I am your wife and you’re my husband. Omkar recalls how she threatened him.

Omkar picks her. Mayura says leave my hand Omkar. He takes her to the store. Omkar ties her hand. Omkar says you didn’t leave me. You were after me. I won’t let you go now. He ties her hands. He ties her feet as well. Mayura says leave me Omkar. He puts tape on her mouth. Omkar says I feel good playing a revenge game with you. But you play weak moves. At least before a good competitor. You have to learn a lot from me. You became bad from the top but become evil from heart, then you can fight with me. I will teach you everything. When you plan to do bad with someone, don’t tell your enemy about your plans. They get attentive. Play a move that the other person doesn’t even think off. Like I trapped you with Piyush’s help. You said you will change my life. We are here to see. I will see what do you change sitting here in this condition. If you think your ex- FIL will help you, you are wrong. Until my wedding is done, he won’t be seen. You are very weak. You can’t fight with me, but your effort was good. I feel bad for your defeat. Omkar says Balli keep an eye on her. He says rest here silently. Omkar leaves.

Scene 3
Omkar gets ready as a groom. Manjali says bring Ash. Manjali says are you okay Omi? He says yes maa. No one can defeat me. Manjali says Ash is here. Her face is hidden. Omkar says I have to see if it’s Mayura in the ghunghat (veil) or not. Manjali says to take the garland. Omkar takes off the ghunghat. It’s Ash. Mayura is tied in the store. Manjali says she’s so pretty, we want to see her all the time. Ash says I will melt. Omkar says in heart I tied her up myself. How could it be her. Ash’s mom says my daughter is so pretty, she might catch evil eye. Let her be in ghunghat. Manjali says sure.

Mayura says Mata Rani you know what my intention is. I have to succeed in my mission. Omkar and Ash make each other wear garland. Omkar says I am getting married Mayura. Your chapter is over. You can’t do anything. Mayura says please help me get out of here Mata Rani.

Episode ends.

Precap-Omkar takes rounds around fire. Mayura says Omkar.. She takes off her ghunghat. Omkar shouts moev this face away from me. Mayura says welcome to the cage of Mayura’s cage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Such a stupid serial. Very bad serial. End this serial. Don’t want to watch it.

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  5. Stupid serial

  6. schola scofield

    What will become of Mayura’s face. I wish she performs surgery

  7. May sahil and riya became couple in real life

  8. Riansh Lover...immj2

    Well done mayura..
    In one way shes just like riddhima…she doesnt think properly

  9. Hello m leaving this msg for the maker of this show I n my mom we were still watching jst thought like khoon Bhari maang she will do plastic surgery as u were showing all r so afraid of her face we thought you will show scary ugly face but saw today’s episode n wht its like drawn mark with red marker hw stupid is this yaar aur woh be Omkar darr raha hai itna no no don’t want to see ur jst made fools to people nw see ur ratings after this 100% show will go off air

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