Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh finds bhom.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh’s 2 forms saying we should first go and check hat is affecting my anger. Ganesh calls mushak ji and says mushak ji, we have to go and find the reason for this red sky and mist area. Mushak says yes prabhu but your 2 forms? How will both sit on me? Ganesh says I will sit on you and my warrior form will walk ahead to find who is doing all this.
As ganesh walks ahead with his form, mushak follows and they reach a mountain. Ganesh says we will have to climb this mountain. The warrior form of ganesh climbs and mushak follows as ganesh helps mushak climb the mountain. Mushak says prabhu I am not able to climb. Ganesh says I will help you mushak ji, yo please try and climb this mountain. Mushak climbs and ganesh pushes him from below, as both climb up the mountain, all 3 of them reach the top. From the mountain they see a barren land area and see the red light affecting ganesh’s warrior form as well as beings near.
Ganesh says see that is the person who is affecting us, but who is he? Why is his anger affecting me? Ganesh’s warrior form gets affected again and gets angry. Mushak ji is also affected by the anger of bhom’s meditation. Mushak gets angry and he sees a rabbit nearby, as ganesh is on mushak ji, ganesh falls down and says mushak ji please calm down, this is not you. mushak goes to kill the rabbit and he holds him as he is about to bite the rabbit. Ganesh says stop mushak ji, you are angry because of this red light, close your eyes and think and calm down, don’t kill the poor rabbit as you will regret it later. Mushak closes his eyes and he calms down, he leaves the rabbit and says prabhu you were right, that person is affecting everyone and me too. Ganesh’s warrior form says you both stay here otherwise you will be affected by his anger, I will go and confront him. ganesh and mushak ji stop there.
Ganesh’s warrior form goes and looks at bhom and says he doesn’t look like a demon as he is praying to mahadev, who is he? Why is he all red? Ganesh says who are you? because of your anger I am getting affected. Bhom opens his eyes and says who are you and how dare you disturb me in my meditation? Ganesh says your anger is affecting me and why have you targeted me? I am ganesh! Bhom says so you are mahadev’s son ganesh? It is because of you that I could not meet mahadev! Everyone is just thinking about you. ganesh thinks he seems to be a divya form, just very angry as I can sense good in him too but he is no demon. Ganesh closes his eyes and he sees the past and understands that he is mahadev’s son as well born from the sweat drop of mahadev and was adopted by devi prithvi and named bhom.
Bhom says everyone was busy in your birthday and were with you but now you are alone here, you cannot fight against me. Ganesh says stop what you are doing as your anger is affecting me otherwise you shall be punished. Bhom says you will punish me? I am mahadev’s son.
Devi prithvi sees this and says I have to stop this as I cannot see mahadev’s 2 sons fight against each other.

Precap: Devi prithvi tells ganesh that only you can do something, stop your warrior form from fighting bhom. Bhom and ganesh fight.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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