Yeh Teri Galiyan 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nivedita and her baby are safe

Yeh Teri Galiyan 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Puchki is in temple and prays for Thaku ma. Shan also comes there and prays for Nivedita. He says please save my mom and her baby. They dont’ see each other.
Doctor says to Aru we have chances to save either child or mom. Ravindra says save the babu. Aru says what. Moushmi says yes save the baby first. He is our blood. Shan says an my mom? He says mom is A child’s God. How will that baby live without his mom. You can save the baby but please save my mama too. She says I will try my best to save them both.
Shan says papa nothing will happen to my mama and her baby.

Beauty says how long will it take. Chanda says she is yours mom. Beauty says she is your mo aren’t you worried for her? Beauty says how do you know I am not worried? She leaves. Puchki says will thaku ma leave like choti ma too? Chanda says pray from God. she says God never listens. she goes to temple and says you don’t listen to me anytime God. You used to read my letters can’t you listen too?
Shan says Go fix everything. Puchki asys please don’t take my thaku ma from me. Shan says mama and baby both can’t live without each other.
Shan says also take care of Puchki always.

Nurse comes out and says its a baby boy. Aru says and Nivedita? She says its a miracle. Both are safe. Aru says thank you doctor. Ravindra says our baby is here.
Shan goes to temple an says thank you God. thanks for saving me.
Doctor says God bless you. Shan says thank you so much.

Thaku ma gets better Puchki says let me go and thank God. Thaku ma says may God always keep her happy.
Shan comes to Nivedita’s room and sees the baby. He plays with her. Nurse gives puchki parsad for baby’s birth. she says where is the baby.
Shan says we will both go to meet Puchki. He is about to pick the baby but Nivedita stops him. She says don’t dare touching my child. she shoves him and says go from here. Shan leaves in tears.
Puchki tries to go in she pulls Puchki and says lets go.

Shan collides with Aru. aru says why are you crying? he says mama is very angry at me. what have i done? He says mama isn’t well. I will talk to her. she will be fine.
Shan comes home and cries. He sees Puchki’s photo. He says ma said mama is my mom now but why is she sending me apart? I feel so alone. He recalls his moments with Puchki. He sees that Puchki comes there. She swipes his tears and says you look so good. You cry all the time. I dont’ cry like you. Smile now. He says I don’t know what to. No one wants to keep with me. Puuchki says stop crying. it wont solve anything. You look good when you smile. He smiles. Puchki says always keep smiling. e says you are my best friend. They fight with each other. Shan sees here and there and realizes he was dreamming.

Scene 2
Beauty comes to her room and sees Rana. he says what are you doing here? Mamoni will see you. He says Thaku ma will be out soon. I will make this place what we dream like. We will do everything Mamoni didn’t do hear. Chanda hears. She says bari is home. They will ruin this place. I have to do something.

Precap-Beauty locks Puchki is a cage and there are hounds down. She says you will be out once you are auctions. Puchki falls. The dogs await her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think after thaku ma , chanda will get hold of sonakachi rather than beauty & then She’ll take care of puchki and all other girls!

    1. I hope that this happens, hearing the conversation between Beauty and the loafer, Chanda could come out as the winner here by some strategic thinking and direction of the writers indeed it would be satisfying to see the tables turned in favour of Chanda by Thaku Ma ,as her successor because Thaku Ma has seen how bad her daughter is and I’m hoping that she relinquishes her reins into the capable and caring hands of Chanda otherwise Sona Kachi would be worse than it is at the moment.

  2. I guess, it’s getting repetitive. Every episode Beauty does something vile & I vent my frustration through my comment 😛

    Whenever a story starts, a particular portion of the audience include the fans of the lead actors. Saw in India Forums that even diehard MG & VM fans are loosing interest in YTG & holding onto the hope that leap might bring something positive.

    The writer should seriously consider the other aspects of the story rather than introducing negativity in form of Maumdars & Beauty.

    Some shows deviate from promo & I sincerely hope YTG also follow that. Looking at the dejection Shan is facing now, I’d rather want to see him as a troubled soul but at the same time angry with Arindam & Majumdars but sympathetic towards Nivedita & Puchki.

  3. My heart broke today, just seeing Shan being pushed away from Nivedita by her was a painful scene. Poor boy, he doesn’t know why his new mother is treating him this way. Lakshmi.. I wish that despite all that Nivedita does to push Shan away from her life, that Shan and the new baby grow up like Rahul and Rohan in 3KG…with a love like those two brothers. However, the script is in someone’s else’s hands so it could go the opposite direction and then Shan would have a tougher time if his brother becomes a negative spoilt character. Since we are seeing what Shan is subjected to from childhood, Lakshmi… remember to cut him some slack when he’s faced with relationships in the future OK…we are witnessing his suffering. Arindham loves Shan but how he treats him after this new birth, will determine his relationship going forward. I can understand Nivedita’s pain but when she wasn’t privy to this new detail of Arindham’s infidelity, she loved Shan she has a child of her own, and is seeing Shan as a hindrance and is easily dispensable to the point of shunning him from her love and attention. However, I saw love in her face when Shan was walking out dejectedly but she quickly masked her expression and shut out her heart. Maybe she’ll still love him but wouldn’t show him and maybe Shan would make her proud one day but she wouldn’t admit due to her hatred for her husband’s infidelity. Touching episode today. I don’t like that precap… This is too much, no matter how good this little actress is, these types of scenes are too traumatic and highly dramatized and even though I wish both children could remain longer on the set, it’s best they grow up quickly. I’ll miss them terribly. ??…

  4. Yes,Nivedita and her baby are safe,but the boy who begged the doctor to save both the lives and prayed for them has lost his mother…I felt Nivedita was too heartless towards Shantanu….but that is what happens in this world…we get hurt by someone else and vent out that frustration on others…the entire clan of Mazumdars ,except for Arindam’s younger brother ,is disgusting ….Arindam is too spineless to contradict his father and say that he would choose his wife if he has to choose between his wife and his unborn baby…And what to say about Moushami and Sir’s ego and pride ,,,I would love to see the so called highly disciplined Sir’s face when he gets to know who is Shantanu…will he be happy that he is after all a Mazumdar only or hang his head in shame that his son Arindam has sired him out of wedlock and with a prostitute…..but Shantanu ,though born and brought up in Sona Jachi has better discipline and values than this high society family and more importantly a golden heart…
    It is evident ThakuMa’s days are over….with Beauty going take over Pari mahal ,what will be the fate of Puchki…will Chanda be able to take a firm stand and save Puchki from this heartless witch..Both the children acted very well in this episode ..Though I feel sad that they will be replaced by the actual leads in a few days, I have to say that they are doing an excellent job in portraying the beautiful bond between Shantanu and Puchki…Both of them have already done some difficult scenes particularly Puchki….I hope they won’t be exposed further…But the upcoming episode where Beauty tortures Puchki in a cage surrounded by ferocious dogs is disappointing…….it doesn’t seem to be in sync with the story and very poor in taste,,,,,,Hope that is all Beauty’s weird imagination but making a young child to act in such a scene ….is this scene really required?????

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