Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli’s wrong stand

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khoji giving the braking news about some terrorists. Imli asks Puttan did he listen to the news. Malai says its good police has caught them. Puttan asks them not to worry, no one can dare to come here. Uncle says its a serious matter. Genda says its a good news, I can counter Puttan. Uncle advises her. She says Chaitu is not here to save Imli. Uncle says yes, Chaitu went to jail, but she has her brother Puttan. She says Puttan’s mind doesn’t work without Chaitu. Uncle says she always loses to Puttan, which animal’s example shall I give her.

Imli stays tensed. Jha brings the reports and tells Imli about the people who are residing in the state. Puttan says its time to take decision. Jha says no one took action on them. Puttan asks him to keep meeting. Imli gives prasad to everyone. She asks Puttan will he make non-residents out of state. Puttan says Chaitu has taken decision by thinking of opposition, they have to go, they are Genda’s vote bank. She says then make them out. Khoji comes to take her interview. Imli says we are taking acting, we don’t want anyone to have bad activities here. Genda says this is just Puttan’s drama. Uncle asks her to take action. She says yes, I will oppose this and not leave my vote bank. The people try to legalize their documents to prove their residency. The officers come to check CM’s family documents as well. Imli comes to get Chaitu’s sign. She asks him to sign on the form. She says we have to make non residents out, they give vote banks to Genda, everyone has to give their documents. Chaitu says I m CM, its proof that I m the resident.

Imli says I m CM now. He says these things are for ordinary people. She says officers came to our house also. She insists and asks him to sign. He agrees and signs on form. She says I will go now. He says next time, get kaddu paratha. She says fine, have aloo paratha as of now. Khoji asks Genda what is her view. She says its an attack on my vote bank, I will not let them succeed. Ghotali reads the news. She reads ministers’ name in the list. Uncle says save me, I don’t want to leave. Genda says I had a doubt, you aren’t my uncle. Chaitu and Imli’s names also come in the list. They get shocked. Puttan says there is some mistake. Malai says our plan to remove Genda failed. Genda gets glad. She says now I will send all of them back to their states, Imli and Chaitu are my big enemies, if they go, I will become CM. Uncle says think about me. She says if you love me, you will happily go. She says I will send all outsiders out. Khoji comes to interview Chaitu. Chaitu says this state is my birthplace, I can’t say anything. Imli comes with tiffin. Chaitu signs her to hide tiffin. Khoji asks are you ready to leave. Chaitu says I will respect govt’s decision. Khoji goes. Imli says its your fav kaddu paratha. Chaitu scolds her. She says Puttan is worried for us. He says we have to do something soon, else we have to leave everything and go

Imli talks to relative. She says it will be bad if anything happens to uncle. Uncle tells Puttan that he won’t tell anyone about money except Chaitu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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