Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: : Shani dev sees Parvati’s son.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shani dev on his crow going to Kailash dham. Shani dev says I want to see that child. Shani dev lands in the cold mountains and says narad rishi was right, if I look at him or have a glance nothing will happen.
There lord Vishnu turns into a common person disguised wearing pyjamas like a villager, nandi and everyone smile. They all are turned into normal people too and they all smile. Lord Vishnu says now we shall go to gajasur’s celebration. They all go to the celebration. There women dancers are called and they come and dance. Gajasur drinks madeera and enjoys with his demon soldiers, he looks at the women and says nice, you all dance well, come to me. The women go to gajasur and he dances with them and enjoys.
There in the palace, son says mother I am hungry. Parvati looks at her son and smiles, she says son don’t worry mother cow will fill your stomach. Parvati prays to mother cow and 3 cows appear with one having the face of the cow goddess, she says pranam devi parvati. Parvati says pranam devi, you came to fill my son’s stomach. Mother cow says I am everyone’s mother, my heart melts when someone calls me mother, take my milk and fill your son’s stomach. Mother cow gives a magic bowl which has the holy milk of the mother cow. The cow blesses and goes. Parvati takes the bowl and son looks at it hungrily and thinks it looks so delicious. Parvati smiles and sits with her son and feeds him. everyone says see parvati is so busy that she forgot her friends are here too, laxmi smiles and says yes we should leave her with her son because this is the unique relation of her with her son. Everyone go.
There Chandra dev’s wife is looking outside her window and hums a song. Chandra dev tries calling her but she is busy humming and thinking about parvati’s son. Chandra dev comes and says devi what happened to you? you are ignoring me.devi says no my lord. Chandra dev says I tried bringing your attention towards me but you did not look at me. Devi says prabhu I was busy thinking about devi parvati’s son, he is so beautiful, he is the most beautiful and tejaswi child I have seen in my life and I am sure as he grows up he will be even more beautiful than you look now. Chandra dev smiles and thinks I am the most beautiful god, who is this child who looks more tejaswi than me, I have to see.
There shani dev comes to the palace and stands outside, he looks at the palace and says will it be right for me to enter here without permission? Shani dev thinks and says I should go inside as even prabhu Shankar isn’t here, I will just look once at the child and come back. shani dev goes in.
Inside the palace son is sleeping on parvati’s lap and Chandra dev shines in the sky as moon. Chandra dev to see the face of the son shines even brighter, son then covers his face from the light from parvati’s dupatta. Chandra dev then sees and thinks indeed this child is a beauty and even beautiful than me, I bless him his long life. Parvati sees and says Chandra dev, my son is sleeping please dim your brightness and let him sleep, Chandra dev says yes and takes the brightness down. Parvati smiles. Shani dev comes in the palace and starts searching for the son. Parvati is sleeping too and now son gets up, he slowly comes out and sits near the pond and starts playing with the water. Shani dev comes in and looks at the child and says I cannot see his face but will it be right for me to look at him? if my bad sight affects him than his life will be troubled, my wife cursed me and no one would be able to save me from devi parvati’s anger. Chandra dev sees and says dev, you should see his reflection nothing will happen to him then, it is okay if you look at his reflection in the water. Shani dev thinks yes that is right. Shani dev then waits and sees in the reflection of the water, he sees the son and is mesmerized by his beauty. Shani dev says he is a beauty, the most beautiful child in the world I have seen. Shani dev now thinks of going but turns back and son gets up and looks at shani dev, shani dev looks at him and is shocked. son smiles but shani dev’s eyes turn black and pass on the bad luck of his eye sight to son. Son is shocked. shani dev says what have I done?

Precap: shani dev’s eye sight turns the skin of son black. parvati sees this and takes the form of devi gauri, shani dev falls down and says mata parvati has taken the form of devi gauri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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