Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Munni saves Disha smartly from Sangram

Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi and Sarla worrying for Disha. Abhi asks Munni not to bring Disha there. Purab says I can sacrifice my happiness for this family. Disha is brought there. Sangram slaps him. Purab shouts. Sangram asks if she forgot how she took revenge on her and says who are this family infront of me. He asks Disha if she thought she will run away from here also and says you don’t know me or understood me, now you will see real me. He says he will burn her today in the havan and will make ashes of her. Purab asks him not to kill Disha, but can marry her. Abhi says this thing is done by unmanly guy. Sangram calls him unmanly and says Disha will be burnt first, followed by others and says tomorrow headlines will be that everyone died at rockstar’s house. Munni says you have promised not to harm anyone. Sangram says he will burn everyone and asks goons to bring kerosene oil. Dadi, Abhi and Purab panic as Sangram Singh pours kerosene oil on her and is about to burn her. Aaliya thinks it will be good now, now she can marry Purab. Mitali thinks how can anyone burn someone alive. Disha cries. Munni laughs. Sangram asks what happened?

Munni says proverb shall be changed, intelligence is big or buffalo. She says it shall be changed to buffalo is bigger than Sangram Singh. She says who will believe if you tell your villagers that you have killed Disha. She asks him to marry her instead. Sangram Singh gets thinking. Munni says if you gets married to her then People will think that there is no big man than you, and you can take revenge from her all life. Abhi asks what you are saying? Munni asks him to get married now itself and says in the newspaper, it will be published that Sangram Singh’s revenge. Sangram Singh asks his goons. They agree with Munni. Sangram Singh says now he will marry her. They bring Pandit ji there.

Pandit ji asks him to leave him. Sangram asks him to get marriage done fast. Pandit ji says she was about to marry Purab. Munni says she will handle and asks Pandit ji to do the marriage silently. She says Sangram Singh is gundo ka raja etc. Sangram Singh asks what you are saying? She asks him to think that he is getting kalyug ravan’s marriage done. Munni says she will tie the ghatbandhan. She ties ghatbandhan and asks Disha to marry silently. Abhi wonders what happened to her. He thinks why she is happy, she can’t be his pragya. Sarla says you are doing wrong. Dasi also says the same. Pragya says I am doing this for everyone’s life and asks Sangram to leave everyone as a shagun. Sangram Singh says he will think. Munni says I did ghatbandhan and asks Pandit ji to do the marriage. Mitali thinks Pragya has taken a wrong decision. Abhi thinks she has risked Disha’s life for him and thinks she can’t be his Pragya.

Munni lights the havan fire and signs everyone to put hand on their noses. She puts some powder in the havan fire. Sangram’s goons take gun from him. Munni then asks them to take rounds. Everyone coughs. Sangram falls down. Mitali calls Raj and Aaliya. Dasi calls Police and asks Inspector to come to Mehra house fast as they are kidnapped. Munni hits Sangram with stick. Sangram Singh says you have fooled me. Abhi points gun at him.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Munni likes Abhi and was looking at him as if she loves him. Abhi tells Munni that she is his strength and inspiration. Munni gets touched.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I am getting completely irritated on this serial day by day
    I am completely fed up of this crap i thought today they will show pragya coming or either starting to reach mm
    But as usual there is nothing left for the audience happiness
    I don’t know what they are going to do in ganesh CHATHURTHI celebration when they didn’t show any one good sign of abhigya meeting

    1. Mythili yesterday SBS news people showed a segment regarding the upcoming ganesh chaturthi special Maha episode of kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya together. They showed shabbir and Sriti were doing aarti of ganesha together but don’t know whether it is munni with abhi or Pragya. They didn’t revealed it clearly. But in the promo of ganesha chaturthi special Maha episode, they showed munni with abhi and also from recent episodes, it also doesn’t seems possible that Pragya will come so soon just on two days so we could watch her with abhi together. I don’t know what they r upto by this type of storyline and where they r heading off, what will happen in Maha episode but Sriti was telling to reporter that lots of good things r going to happen in upcoming episodes of both the shows, so keep patience and keep watching the shows. Mythili i don’t know what gud things r going to happen but surely we won’t see the gud things till this Maha episode. Let’s see what happens after that but only by Sriti’s words, I won’t believe till then I will not see actually the gud things happen in the show and those gud things will happen only then for us, when we will see abhigya together and their chemistry again. Suddenly turned of munni’s feelings towards abhi is just annoying the audience. Although Sriti is performing as munni very well and it can give gud entertainment but they have to understand that audience r emotionally attached with only abhigya. So we will always want to watch only them together. Well let’s see what happens further but there is no need to pay attention to it till gud things happen as Sriti told that it will b happen in upcoming episodes. So just read update and then we can reach on any conclusion. Till then keep patience mythili.

  2. Good I hope the police reach there fast n arrest them n purab can marry disha infront of aaliya n also I wish if the real pragya could walk in on all of them

  3. bull shit am reading this bcoz i think they show the pragya is coming infornt of famly or anything else but this serial is really bull shit

  4. bull shit am reading this bcoz i think they show the pragya is coming infornt of famly or anything else but this serial is really bull shit

  5. Ah when will this serial get on track. Just hoping soon as soon

  6. How many women will be in Abhi’s life? Pragya or Munni; who will remain in his life? Then there’s Tannu scheming and using Munni to get Abhi . Aaliya isn’t leaving any stone unturned to get Purab as her prized pet. Abhi has sorted out Aaliiya’s obsession with Purab wanting him to be her wall trophy. It’s high time Abhi gets together with his wife. There’s too many twists, turns, plots and conspiracies being hatched. So we are looking forward to seeing Munni exchanging places with Pragya and turning the tables on.Aaliya and Tanu.

  7. The news all over was saying that it was testing time for abhi but i think its pragya testing again coz abhi is way too busy romancing and praising munni so to him he isnt suffering coz he thinks he has pragya by his side so when pragya comes she is the one who will suffer because of this circus it would have made sense if abhi took pragya to the hospital when she was shot then she falls in to a coma and the doctors were uncertain of when she would wake up that would be the best testing tym for abhi but munni not a good idea

  8. LMAO in all honesty i really thought this shitty serial has ended gawd ekta ow man enough torturing spare us now na jeez woman get a grip on yourself you are over doing it now we the people are getting fed up with your crap

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