Shani 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani loses consciousness!

Shani 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Life is a challenge which is filled with obstacles. Shani teaches that if one stays on their path of karma while facing those challenges then he will surely gain victory and respect. ||

Shani looks at Hanuman and drops his weapon for Mahadev’s sake. Mahadev thanks Shani. You are great. You have proved once again that there cannot be anyone who is better than you for this post. The one who can bear pain for the betterment of the world also deserves to punish the culprits for their misdeeds.

Hanuman hits Shani the moment everyone returns to life. Everyone worries for Shani. Hanuman tells Shani to pick his weapon again and attack him. Shani stands up with difficulty but makes no effort to lift his weapon. Hanuman also throws his mace aside. He attacks Shani again. If you don’t want me to attack again then don’t get up. Shani thinks he wont raise hand on Mahadev’s ansh but wont fall in his path of karma. He stands up yet again.

Devraj laughs. This is amazing! I gave Hanuman’s body my Vajra’s power. When he hits Shani with his hands, I feel I am attacking Shani with my own hands!

Shani tells Hanuman to hit him. Hanuman does so. Shani continues standing back on his feet even when in pain.

Devraj and Sanghya are at peace. Devraj remarks that the end of Karamfaldata is very near.

Hanuman advises Shani to lay still on the ground. Don’t force me to attack. Shani gets up once again. Hanuman’s eyes fill up. Yami requests her father to stop the war.

Mahadev and Hanuman’s faces are exchanged for a moment. They both are pained to see Shani thus. Hanuman kneels down to pick his mace. Shani smiles at him. Hanuman lifts his mace and hits Shani hard on his head. Blood oozes out from Shani’s nose as he passes out right in front of his family. Shock registers on Tridev’s faces.

Tears stream down on everyone’s cheeks. Devraj mentally coxes Hanuman to attack Shani again. Don’t wait for him to get up. Shani stands up disregarding Hanuman advising him against it. Hanuman is about to hit him again when Mahadev shouts at him to stop. Everyone greets him with folded hands.

Rahu and Chandra Dev are stunned. Rahu tells Indra Dev it went wrong. You will survive some way but what about me. He runs away. Chandra Dev too asks Indra Dev what will happen now. Indra Dev says now that Mahadev is here, he will do what he wants to. Sanghya also gets worried.

Mata Chhaya asks Shani if he is fine. Kakol refuses to talk to Hanuman again as he has hurt his friend. Mahadev reprimands Hanuman for behaving like this with Shani. You got blessings and boons from all the Gods; you got Ashta-Siddhi and Surya Dev as your Acharya yet this is how you pay back the world? Even after gaining these powers, only the one who can keep a check on these powers can protect the world. Hanuman apologises to him. It was about mother. Mahadev looks at the sky. He removes Chandra Dev from his head. world returns back to normal. Mata Anjana thanks Mahadev. Water level will reduce now. She thinks of Hanuman and rushes from there.

Chandra Dev too is worried for himself. I am sure you will protect yourself but I must apologize to Mahadev right away. Chandra Dev immediately apologizes to Mahadev, Shani and Hanuman. Mahadev tells him no one can escape their Karamfal. You have learnt it the bitter way yet you forced Hanuman making his mother your shield. Your misdeed is now a crime. you will have to bear punishment for the same. Chandra Dev readily agrees. I did make a mistake. Mahadev leaves it on Shani to decide. Chandra Dev accepts his word.

Mahadev looks at Devraj next. Devraj lies that he dint do anything. I was only! Mahadev cuts him mid sentence. We know what you have been doing till now and what your intention behind this entire incident was. I am warning you once again. respect your position or you will fall under it one day!

Mahadev says Shani’s name but Shani tells him not to say anything. I can understand your creation, your pain and your helplessness well. Hanuman cries. You (Shani) will have to explain to me as to why you dint fight back. Why did you keep bearing my attacks when you were capable to counter attack? Why did you continue to stand up even when I tried not to hurt you? Answer me Shani. Shani smiles through his pain. I dint retort as you hold a much greater place than me. I am not worthy to fight you. I kept standing back again and again as neither you nor Mahadev can stop me from walking on the path of karma. He folds his hands in reverence (towards Mahadev). Whatever I did today was unpardonable (recalling the wound he gave to Hanuman). I have neither words nor do I deserve anything today but please forgive me is possible. Mata Anjana joins them. She is relieved to see him healthy but is shocked to see Shani’s condition. Hanuman looks down. Shani tells Hanuman not to worry anymore. Your mother is fine. I fulfilled my promise. He passes out. Chhaya shouts his name in shock. Devraj and Sanghya are relieved to see his condition whereas everyone else rushes to his side in concern.

Chhaya tries waking Shani but in vain. Dev Vishwakarma checks his pulse. He lost conscious because of his wounds. His pulse is very low. Chhaya requests Surya Dev to do something. Narayan appears there. Chhaya asks him about his son’s condition. Please do something. Surya Dev also asks him if Shani will be fine. Narayan is quiet. Mata Anjana too urges him to speak. What has Hanuman done? Narayan shares that he had gifted Hanuman that mace. He might be Surya-putra and has tasted nectar but his end is certain after so many blows from my mace. He disappears. Everyone is stunned by his words.

Hanuman promises that nothing will happen to Shani. I will make sure he will become fit once again and get back on his feet. I swear on my mother’s name. Shani will be healthy once again and follow the path of karma.

Precap: Hanuman got worried seeing Shani’s condition. He uses mustard to make Shani well again. We will find out why bitter mustard oil is offered to Shani.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Raunak

    Teary episode !!!! Nicely written and acted !!!
    Kudos Shani-Hanuman !!! Friends forever……….

    But does that mean, Karma won over Bhakti finally ?
    and Hanuman realises that ?

  2. an emotional epi…best actor kartikey malviy & krish chuhan..(hanuman).
    Eagerly waiting for the next update..
    Thanx pooja di for updates..
    Where r u all readers..??

    1. Pooja

      Thanks a ton dear 🙂 Hope you are doing good..

  3. *krish chauhan

  4. Set Alert When Shani wakes up, he expresses his desire
    to meet the divine trinity to seek an answer
    regarding a vision he saw when he was lying
    unconscious. Episode – 214 09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 31 Aug Set Alert Surya announces during a ‘sabha’ that Chhaya
    is pregnant with his child. Shani is protective
    about Chhaya and her baby; Indra comes to
    know about Samhata Narak. Episode – 215 09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 01 Sep Set Alert There is no synopsis available for this episode. Episode – 216 09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 04 Sep Set Alert

    1. Thank you gayatri di for synopsis. The episode is very tearly.

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