Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi sandhya summons her shadow form.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying then what happened mata? After everything was fine, why did you take your other form? Mata kali says only this much was not enough, I had to take another form, this time it was the difficulty for gods. Suryadev had a problem in his married life with devi sandhya, but that was how the balance between life and death could be made. In the universe, the population was increasing and no one was dying, so there had to be a balance, this is how the god of death, yamraj came in for his purpose.
Mata kali says, suryadev tell what happened. Suryadev says ganesh ji, I was married to dev-shilp vishwakarma ji’s daughter devi sandhya, but after our marriage, my tej was very bright and could hurt anyone who came near me, because of this devi sandhya couldn’t come near me.
In flashback, devi sandhya says to suryadev, swami you have to decrease your tej otherwise I can never come near you, we have a son yam, how will he come near you too? suryadev says devi, I don’t have any option, I cannot decrease my tej as it is not possible. Sandhya says then what do I do swami? I am not able to look at you. Suryadev says devi, this is not my problem, you have to do something because it is your problem but you even cannot go from here devi, remember our son yam is going for his meditation from today, then will I stay alone? Suryadev goes.
Devi sandhya goes to parvati’s statue and she says mata, please help me, I cannot go near my swami suryadev because of his tej, what do I do? Please help me mata. Sandhya then thinks and says yes I shall meditate and pray. Then sandhya says no I cannot go to earth and meditate, swami will be alone and I am his wife, I cant even go, please show me a way mata. Suddenly the moon’s light shines and devi sandhya sees her shadow. Then she says mata understood what you said, my shadow. Devi sandhya says I will leave the form of my shadow here for swami until I finish my meditation on earth. Sandhya prays and brings out the form of her shadow, then she says I devi sandhya, the daughter of dev-shilp vishwakarma give you life. the shadow form gets life and devi sandhya names her chaaya. Devi sandhya goes on earth for meditation.
Chaya goes to suryadev to give him Prasad. Suryadev says devi sandhya, say what you want from a distance, because my tej cannot be reduced and you cannot come near me. chaya comes and touches suryadev and says swami, how can I let you go before giving you Prasad? Suryadev is happy and says devi? How did this happen? My tej isn’t hurting you anymore? Chaya gives suryadev Prasad and does his tilak. Suryadev is happy and he goes. Chaya says swami I am not devi sandhya, but a mere shadow of her.
This way for years chaya lives as sandhya with suryadev. One day her son returns from meditation, yam comes and sees his mother happily decorating the palace. As chaya is unaware of sandhya’s son, yam comes and touches chaya’s feet and says I have come back. Chaya says who are you? Don’t come near me. Yam is shocked and says mother! How didn’t you recognize me? suryadev comes. yam says father, she is not my mother, suryadev says what do you mean? Sandhya is not your mother? What happened to you son? Chaya is sad and she finally reveals the truth and says prabhu, I am just a shadow of devi sandhya, she left me here before going for meditation on earth.
Suryadev is left astounded, he goes to rishi vishwakarma ji for help. He says father-in-law my wife and your daughter devi sandhya cannot come near me because of my tej, what can I do? My tej doesn’t decrease and my wife had to leave her shadow for me, what do I do? Suryadev’s anger removes fireballs out of his body.

Precap: rishi vishwakarma makes a very powerful weapon to control suryadev’s tej, known as the mrityu paash.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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