Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa’s hands are cut.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying what do I do? This kansa is a problem. Kanha says yes mother always says that the entire universe lives inside us. Kanha sits and starts praying om! Om! As kanha prays, his body shins golden and entire universe is seen inside his body. Kansa is taking the mountain towards vindhyachal, he then says how is the weight increasing? Vishnu, do what you want but your maya wont work. Kansa starts feeling the weight of the mountain and kansa walks slowly, kansa then says Vishnu you cheater, I will not let you fail me. kansa walks slowly and then suddenly the entire weight of the mountain collapses on kansa and his hands get trapped under the mountain.
There all people are inside the cave and they fall down from the sudden thud. Yashoda says everything seems to be fine now, the tremors have stopped. All people still look scared.
There kansa becomes normal sized, his hands are trapped under the mountain. Pralapt, janur and keshari come. Pralapt says bhagwan what do we do? Kansa uses his might to save his hands, he says all my powers are not working here. Pralapt and janur try to pull kansa but they fail. Kansa uses his strength but fails. Kansa says om kansay namah! Pralapt says bhagwan, Vishnu did this then taking his name can save you. Kansa kicks pralapt. Kansa says Vishnu, I will never bow before you, you must be para brahma, sahastranama, creator, ram, and a lot of things but for me you are nothing but a cheater. Kansa says iniquity will win and not dharma.
There kanha still prays. As the people are scared, balram comes and says everybody calm down now the mountain has been established back to its place and we all are safe we don’t need to worry anymore now. Yashoda says where is kanha? Balram says what? Kanha isn’t here? This is the problem kaki, kanha goes somewhere every time. Yashoda runs to find kanha, balram stops her and says kaki when I am here, you don’t need to worry, I will go and find kanha. Balram goes with his plough.
There kansa says pralapt and janur, come and cut my hands. Pralapt and janur are shocked and they say but bhagwan, how can we do that? Kansa says just do it idiots, I will show this Vishnu who the real god is. Pralapt and janur close their eyes and cut kansa’s both hands. Kansa screams in pain and keshari closes her eyes.
There balram is finding kanha and he says kanha, kanha! Where are you?
Pralapt and janur look at kansa with eyes closed, kansa suddenly presses their necks with his hands and he throws them aside. Kansa gets up and says you both are fools, you call yourselves my disciples but you don’t know how great bhagwan kansa is. Keshari says maharaj what do we do now? Kansa says Vishnu I will know the truth of your form, from yog maya. Kansa says keshari see that mountain? Keshari says yes maharaj, it is vindhyachal. Kansa laughs.
There kanha opens his eyes and goes to balram, balram says kanha where were you? Kanha says is everyone fine? Balram says yes but kaki is finding you. Kanha and balram go,
There all people are scared and they say we cannot stay here for more time otherwise kansa will kill us with this mountain too, we should go back to vrindavan. Kanha and balram come. Kanha says no we haven’t done the bhandar of devi yog maya, we cannot go. People say but kanha our lives are at stake, and we cannot wait here. Yog maya comes and she listens, she has tears, kanha sees this and says devi yog maya is our kul devi and if her bhandar is not done then she will be insulted. Yashoda says that is right, I will go from here only after doing the bhandar. Kanha says who do you think protected you all? We all are safe because of devi yog maya. Yashoda says if anyone wants to go then they can but I am not going. Kanha smiles.
Kansa goes to vindhyachal and calls him, he says vindhyachal where are you? Vindhyachal appears in his human form and then says what happened kansa? Why do you need me now? Kansa says need you? No vindhyachal I am worried for you because look at the khatri mountain there, it is yog maya’s home and also all medicinal plants grow there but you? You are so huge but have no respect at all.

Precap: vindhyachal lets the rays of the sun towards the people of vrindavan hurting them and khatri mountain. Kanha goes to vindhyachal and vindhyachal says I wont stop until I become the king of mountains.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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