Piya Albela 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Meghna’s rape case becomes mystery, Surbhi dies

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Piya Albela 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul is taking Surbhi in car along with other ladies, and tells that he will not leave the person who did this with her. Surbhi tries to say, but faints. Naren comes there and asks what happened to her. Pooja asks what was in the basement, at what Surbhi was signing? Shivani says we got dead body of the tailor who knew the rapist. Pooja says Surbhi must have seen him and he made her fall down from the stairs. Rahul says I will not leave that person. Shivani says that killer is from your house only. Surbhi is brought on the sketcher and she points his finger on Harish. Rahul shouts at Harish and says you hate Meghna, but Surbhi was your bahu and my wife. She is carrying my baby in her womb. Harish tells that he is innocent and tells that Surbhi is his bahu, he was with Supriya when she slipped from stairs. Rahul says he is feeling helpless not to punish him. Naren asks Harish to arrest his Papa. Supriya tells that it is a misunderstanding. Shivani arrests Harish and takes him to Police station. Meghna tells Kunal that she wants to go from there, and have troubled everyone. Kunal hugs her and smirks.

Harish tells Shivani that he is innocent and was with Supriya at that time. Doctor informs Rahul that they couldn’t save Surbhi’s baby and even she is critical. Rahul asks her to save Surbhi else he will burn everything. Pooja makes him sit and tries to pacify him. Naren cries and tells that he couldn’t protect Meghna or Rahul’s daughter. He says I can’t believe that Papa can do such a thing and says what we will tell Meghna. He says she can give us solution and comes home. He asks Meghna to come with him. Rahul blames himself and tells Pooja that he has killed his baby. He tells that he had cursed his baby when he comes to know that she is a daughter. Harsha tries to pacify him. Doctor asks them to get Surbhi’s reports. Pooja says she will bring and sits in car. She goes in one of her family member’s car. Naren brings Meghna to the Police station and asks Shivani to let her meet Harish once. Shivani refuses but he insists. He comes to Harish and says I am innocent. Naren says we have come here to prove you innocent.

Harish sees Meghna and says why did she come here, and asks them to take her away. Naren says Meghna knows rapist touch and asks him to let her touch him. Harish says I will not let her touch me and says I am good in jail than letting her touch me. Supriya asks him to try and understand. He feels hurt and asks them to go. Supriya hugs Naren and cries. Shivani says your father’s destiny is jail now, I can’t help you more. Pooja gets sherwani button’s box and thinks it will be a proof to protect Harish now. She calls him. Naren tells her that he don’t think how to save papa. Pooja says we have other way and asks him to reach hospital. Naren tells Shivani that he knows that they are troubling her a lot and tells that he needs her support as Surbhi’s life is in danger. He calls Pooja and tells that Shivani’s men are here. Naren tells Doctor that he wants to talk to her. Pooja comes to Rahul and asks about Surbhi. Rahul says she is bleeding profusely. Naren tells Rahul that they will save Surbhi. Naren and Pooja sign each other. Doctor goes to treat Surbhi, but couldn’t save her. She informs everyone. Rahul gets shocked.

Naren tells Pooja that they have to change their plan. He asks her to go and save the proofs. Pooja is somewhere and tells that she is moving towards the car. When the rapist come and shoots at her. Pooja gets shocked seeing him and says you…She gets unconscious with bullet injury on her chest.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kunal gives out a creepy vibes?! What’s pooja-naren’s plan hmm something tells me surbhi’s death announcement is to merely observe the reactions on the family members face?? the person with the relief reaction is the guilty party

  2. Why does harish hate meaghna so much? Could meghna and kunal be working together, is it possible that meaghna isn’t actually blind but rather hates the Vya’s family? ?

  3. Hardik is the real culprit

    1. I think same too.

  4. I doubt on rahuls dad he is the only one who meghana didn’t touch and when rahuls mom was forcing meghana to touch rahuls dad pooja stopped that.i damn sure that must be him.even though rahuls dad looks innocent.now we can’t trust anybody blindly in this matter.not Even rahuls dad.

  5. Pre-cap looks interesting but….

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