Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya warns tarkasura in a dream.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh telling raja devodas the story. mata adishakti talks with devi maina and says what do you want maina? Devi maina says I have one wish mata, I want a 100 sons before my daughter is born in your form so that my daughter gets the love of a 100 brothers.
Indra dev says if a hundred sons are born, it will take too much time and the world will be destroyed by tarkasura. Devi adishakti says daughter maina, if you give birth to a hundred sons, it will take too long and I have to take birth as soon as possible to kill tarkasura, I shall rather bless you with one son who shall be equivalent to a hundred sons, his name shall be mainak!
Devi maina and raja himavan thank mata adishakti and she goes.
There gunesh tells ahead and says tarkasura started doing

adharma even more and now took rishi’s captive. there tarkasura goes with his demon soldiers and tells them go and take everyone captive, tell them there is only one god and I am their god! From now only my Pooja and aarti’s shall be done and if anyone else is seen praying to someone else then I shall kill them. The demons do as said.
Gunesh says this time, mata adishakti decided to warn tarkasura one last time and to give him a chance to change himself. as tarkasura sleeps, he gets another dream and he again see kartikeya in the dream. In the dream, tarkasura does adharma and kartikeya comes near him and shows some battle tactics. Tarkasura says why does this warrior always come in front of me? when I see him I feel scared but about what? Who is he? Tarkasura says who are you ? kartikeya says I am devsena kartikeya and i have come to tell you only one thing, if you don’t stop your adharma even now then I will kill you, mata adishakti will soon be born in her new form and then your end will come. Tarkasura wakes up scared and says who was that? what do I do?
Tarkasura goes angrily away with his demons, he takes some rishi’s captive and then sees a rishi praying to lord Vishnu, tarkasura says how dare you pray to him? you shall pray to me, because I am god. The rishi say I will not bend before any demon and bow to you, my prabhu is only one and he is Narayana! Tarkasura says then I shall kill you. tarkasura lifts his weapon but he suddenly see kartikeya and he gets scared and falls down. The demons say what happened maharaj? Tarkasura says see that warrior, he will kill me. the demons say but we don’t see anyone, who will kill you? tarkasura comes to his senses and says this is not possible. Tarkasura goes back to his palace.
There tarkasura is worried that he may die! Tarkasura says but how is this possible? No one can kill me. gunesh tells raja devodas, then devrishi narad went to talk to tarkasura.
There narad muni goes in the swarg lok palace and says Narayana! Narayana! Tarkasura says devrishi narad, how dare you pray to my enemy in front of me? narad muni says okay then I will pray to you, jai tarkasura! Tarkasura says wow, so quickly you changed your bhakti. Narad says I have never changed tarkasura, and as I know your father rishi kashyap is my brother, so that way I would be like your father as well, but if you don’t want to listen to me then don’t! I will go because if you don’t believe me, I don’t care. Tarkasura comes worried and scared and says wait devrishi narad, I never said I don’t believe you. narad muni stops and tarkasura says please tell me, what do you want to tell me. narad muni says so tarkasura, I have brought a news for you, there is a good news going on in raja himavan’s palace, I know only this much. Narad muni says only a hint is enough for a smart man to know what shall happen, so you have to decide if you are smart or foolish. Tarkasura remembers kartikeya saying mata adishakti is going to take birth.

Precap: Tarkasura sends demons to kill devi maina. Devi maina gives birth to mata adiahskti’s form. Raja himavan names the daughter as Parvati.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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