Bigg Boss 12 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Captaincy task in full swing

Bigg Boss 12 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 38
Bigg boss says to inmates that time for hen task has ended. Megha says I have three eggs. Karan says I have two eggs. Bigg Boss says to Saba that you have won task but you cant become captain so you have to give your captaincy chance to someone else. Saba says I want to give Somi this chance. Bigg Boss says Somi, Megha and Deepak are contenders for captaincy now. Deepak have a group hug with his circle.

Karan is sitting alone in washroom and says I couldnt understand who is with whom here, I am alone, all are playing here, its important to play for myself, there is no loyalty here, I dont have to hurt others to play for myself, nobody came to support me, they could have just asked how I am doing in task, I did so much for them but not anymore.


says to KV that there was a time when whole house was against me, I felt like you, Deepak and I used to look at each other sadly. KV says you are right, you know how much I love Deepak, I felt bad that this is his value of tongue.

Deepak is crying. Deepak says dont cry, there are many chances for KV.
Romil says to KV that I wanted to support Deepak even after I lost task, Sree should have shown support to you, we did talk that KV try to play but suddenly loses strength.

Deepika sits with KV and says I was disappointed with you, you asked Shiv to go away, you changed the whole game when you didnt support our team, I was busy whole day in kitchen. KV says I dont need anyone with me but yes if there is someone supporting you then it feels good, it made me feel very lost that you and Sree were not there.

Jasleen says to Anup that I will put my efforts in tasks more. Megha says I have earned things with hardwork. Jasleen says we will work in your captaincy but not Deepak. Megha says I will show that I take victory and defeat in stride.

Deepika says to Sree that KV was hurt, he wanted you to support him, you should talk to him.

Megha says to Somi that Deepika wanted to perform. Romil says Deepika wants to look like a good daughter in law. Megha says to Romil that we have to act like mom and dad, mom handles house and dad handles work stuff, these people are like kids, they dont know things.

Day 39
Inmates wake up to song chaiyan chaiyan.. they all dance and enjoy.

Sristy says to Urvashi that I would never give wrong suggestion to Deepak. Urvashi says he would never win with the way he is behaving.

Sree says to Anup that I would not work in Deepak’s captaincy, we cant let him become captain. Shiv says captain gets safe from nominations too so we have to stop Deepak.

Deepak says to Surbhi that my lion is awake. Surbhi says dont let Megha win. Rohit says if Megha becomes captain then she will go on their side.

Surbhi reads that there will be a task between Somi, Megha and Deepak. There is a train and stall near a station in garden, there are some items in stall, all inmates will be stall seller. Contenders will be riding train, when two contenders get down from train then the one standing in train will win and become captain.. when signal turns red and buzzer plays then train will stop and inmates will be able to go in train with some bad items from stall, they can choose any contender to eat those things, when signal turns green then inmate will have to get down from train and train will start again. Sree says I am supporting Megha. Shiv is referee.

Inmates are making evil concotions to make contenders get down from train. Romil says you people can take only thing, you cant mix all this stuff. Shiv says we are taking one glass and can mix anything in it. Sree asks him to stop saying rubbish. Surbhi says to Sree that you dont do tasks which need physical power but when evil tasks come then you do it, its about your nature, its about your cheapness, you like doing animalistic things. Romil says he is like that.

Sree is mixing some things in his cup in kitchen. Rohit says you cant take from kitchen.

In confession room, Bigg Boss says to Shiv that inmates can only take one thing at a time from stall or they can take from kitchen too but only thing that are edible, they cant take shampoo, soaps or things like that. Shiv thanks him.

Surbhi says to Sree that you are cheap, you give up in tasks. Sree says talk about what you did in career, give up. Surbhi says dont talk about my career, you are no international player. Shiv comes there and says you people cant make mixtures, you can take things from kitchen or stall but only one thing at a time and it should be edible.

Deepika says to Sree that Bigg Boss said whatever we take should be edible. Sree says Deepak can take anything. Deepika says Megha have done season, she can handle herself but I feel bad for Somi.
Somi, Deepika and Megha sit in train.

Jasleen says Urvashi is supporting Somi. Deepika says I cant support Megha at this time. Jasleen says Somi was involved in removing Urvashi from task. KV says I am supporting Somi or Megha.

Sree says to Shiv that all are supporting Somi. Sree says I want to support Deepak for this game. Sree says to Shiv that I was with Deepika, they are supporting Somi but first they were with Megha so I will support Deepak.
Jasleen says to Anup that they are liars, I asked Sristy and she said she doesnt know whom she is supporting, Deepika is supporting Somi now.

Sree says to Romil that I am sorry, if you want to fight then fight.
Sree says to Deepak that we will attack them with things. Megha says you were supporting me, Sree says this is a game so I changed my side.

Jasleen says to Sree that calm down and think. Sree says Deepak is mentally strong so I am with him. Jasleen says we can support Megha, if they are supporting somi so we should support Deepak? Sree says Deepak can be wrong in tasks but he is smart. Jasleen says he is wrong without tasks too. Sree says you can support whom you want. Jasleen says didi is clever. Sree says Deepika is jealous of Megha as she took kitchen. Jasleen says her importance has ended. Sree says Surbhi and Romil are with Deepak. Jasleen says you like to go to Deepika back. Sree says she is my sister outside game, you, Saba-Somi, Urvashi are sisters for me but nothing in game.

KV says to Shiv that I dont want to support Deepak, Shiv says talk to Sree. KV says leave it.

Deepak tries to convince Somi to leave task for him. They stand in train. Rohit bring chili sauce for Megha, she drinks it. Sristy says to Deepika that Jasleen is supporting Deepak and provoking Sree. Deepika says I am upset now.

Deepak asks Megha to support them, you are winner of other season. She says I want to become winner of this BB too. Buzzer plays, Romil brings sipper of water for Megha. She thanks him and says I needed it. Romil says Deepak worked hard. Megha says I wanted him to become contender. Romil says dont you want him to win too? Megha says I want to show marathi club is strong. He asks her to drink whole sipper. She says I will drink with my speed. Shiv says let her drink as she wants. Romil says if she cant finish it then she will have to get down. Megha drinks water before buzzer plays.

Deepika says to Sree that we are planning to support Deepak and make him then trouble him during captaincy. Sree says yes, I am in. Sristy says how can we trust you when you dont talk to us? you are discussing your plans with your new best friend Jasleen. Deepika and Sristy teases him. Deepika says you need to discuss things with us with right.

Buzzer plays, KV brings chili sauce to train and asks Deepak to drink it. He makes Deepak drink it. Shiv says you cant make him drink more than three spoons. Sristy says you are making your own rules.

Sristy says to Sree that Shiv is making his own rules, he is asking to not use spoons and only three spoons.
Romil says to Anup that there is no rule written about spoons. Jasleen says Romil you become irritating sometimes. Surbhi says talk about yourself only. Jasleen says I am talking to Romil, he is my friend, you dont talk. Surbhi says I will talk for my brother, she shouts at Jasleen. Jasleen says you are crazy. Surbhi says I am not saying anything so shut up. Jasleen shouts that cant I talk here? why she keeps shouting?

Buzzer plays, Sristy brings spices for Deepak. Shiv asks him to eat calmly. Sristy says you talk spicy things so refill your tongue. Deepak eats spices. Romil says you dont have to eat slowly. Sree brings honey for Deepak, Deepak sighs in relief after tasting it, light turns green so Sree gets down.

Buzzer plays, Urvashi brings bitterguard for Megha. Megha says its clean? Urvashi says yes. Megha chews it and says they are sweet. Sree says to Rohit that Megha is international here. Megha says I will keep track of what you people are doing to me.

Buzzer plays, Rohit brings chili sauce for Megha. She eats it and coughs. Rohit says you can leave captaincy. Megha says let me finish. She cries and drinks it. Rohit says you look bad. Megha says I am totally fine, you people look tensed.
Sree says to Deepika that I have to accept this Megha is brilliant competitor.

Sree says to inmates that we have to decide whom to send to jail. Deepika says I think KV and Deepak should go to jail. Deepika says if Surbhi goes then I will go too. Sree says Surbhi grabbed her neck and kicked my bottle too, he says I will take Saba, Romil and Surbhi’s name.

Megha coughs and heaves. Saba says you have performed enough, get down. Megha says I have to get this captaincy.
Jasleen says to Anup that I am okay with Somi and Megha.
Saba says to Megha that if you think its going overboard then get down, people will clap for your performance.

Deepika says to KV that you can talk to Sree directly and fight, I have tried to make him talk to you. KV says I have heard that you people got miffed because I took Shiv out, if you are not angry and came to me then why he is angry? Deepika says today we said that we will support Somi but Sree got upset and said he will support Deepak and then Jasleen started putting fire in all that, me, Sristy and Urvashi felt bad, Jasleen is not leaving Sree at all. KV says exactly, Jasleen is his sister now.

Sristy brings red chili drink for Somi in train. Somi drinks it. Sristy claps for her. Sree asks Somi if she is puking? Somi pukses. Sristy rubs her back. Sree asks her to puke. Sree says if you cant take it then dont harm your body. Saba says you cant make them drink too much spice. Saba says these people are making her eat too much spice. Sree says she can leave if she cant stay.
Rohit makes Somi eat spices. Somi says I have eaten enough, you want me to eat more? Saba says give one chili only, let it be.

Buzzer plays, Sree makes Somi eat spices. Sree says well done Somi. Somi pukes. Romil comes in window and says its okay. Deepak says to KV that target one people, if you keep targeting all three then nobody will get down. Saba says to Somi that you can get down if you want. Romil stands in window and gives sweets to Somi. Deepika catches it and says he is cheating. Shiv says this is not right, its cheating. Romil says I will do what I think is right. Jasleen says dont try to act great. Somi says I am coming out. She gets down from train, all clap for her.
Somi cries. Saba consoles her.
Romil says I will do what I want. Jasleen says you try to act great, accept your mistake. Romil says to Shiv that I will support who I want to.

PRECAP- Megha says to Deepak that I will not back down. She fights with Deepak over a chili drink, she says dont stop me from doing something, its my point of view. Deepak says I will do what I think is right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hate this romil…sbko chala rha hai yeh….
    Also hate deepika isko sbke liye ache bn k rehna hai…pr kisi k liye loyal nahi hai…KV ko deepika se bach k rehna chahiye….

    1. @sonu… Absolutely correct..
      Deepika is spoiling her image….
      She is not loyal to any one… I wish koibhi winner ho is season ka but dpka na ho..

      1. @XYZ same…I will include that Romil as well. Baaki koi v bane winner bane…even dumb Shristy v bane to chalega 😂

      2. @XYZ deepika sach me simar wali feeling le rhi h yahan….ab to hina khan hi bht achi lgne lg gyi h in sbko dkh k…atleast wo genuine to thi…

      3. Agreed to all of you..
        At present Megha is the only deserving contestant for winning trophy..
        Kv should seriously stop listening to others and act on his own wisely.. he s good man , but confused now bcs he listens to Dipika and sree most.. if Neha was here she would hav performed best and supported kv unlike other celebs.. Dipika didn’t even completed a single successfully.. Sree is a habitual quitter and Shristy is dumbest. She picks fights with anyone for silly reason and target them for 1or 2 days, then patch up… She really needs to grow up..
        Saba wasn’t lecturing abt humanity whn others were torturing Megha and Deepak…
        She started whn somi was forced with bad things.. everytime they start fight ,cheat,steal, giving galis, getting physical; but they say it’s game,task,etc., When others even tries the same these two r yelling…
        It was Deepak’s brain working for last 2 luxury budget tasks, and he was successful both time.. still I don’t want him as winner..
        Just hating his fake hugs..

      4. @Ezra…. agreed..

        when megha and rohit entered , i thought they are just boring ppls and not worthy for bb house..

        after watching megha’s performance everyone has to accept , she is a tough competitor…
        and better than the rest

    2. @Sonu…
      “ab to hina khan hi bht achi lgne lg gyi h in sbko dkh k”

      he he..
      I like it… 🙂

  2. Hah nonsense
    Now Deepika aunty is with Shree
    Today I’m feeling bad for KV
    Deepak played well
    BTW I’m confused


    1. Even sree is confused what he wants.. 🤣

  3. They all are irritating and deepak is super irritating

  4. When will romil stop with his sree obsession?and when will sree stop being negative?

  5. Surbhi rana and romil chaudhry really need to find someone else to target it’s getting beyond annoying seeing them dragging shree where it’s completely unnecessary and stupid this whole “rivalry” seem forced lol so clearly not creating the ~magic~ all the previous seasons rivalries had, Megha probably the first one from all of them i kinda like and not because she performed task today she really seem to give genuine advice a bit overconfident & arrogant but fair person I honestly will do anything to see shree perform a physical task I know he can but i don’t know if he’s lazy or really is afraid of surbhi’s threats that he just always quits Deepika need to distance herself from shree a little and do something that show her as her own person karanvir need to not listen to what romil or deepak say cause by now it’s obvious they won’t accept him as part of their group shristy is dumb I really thought her to be so much more but my god is she a bimbo, deepak is annoying and his nautanki and overhypeness irritates me urvashi need to go home

    1. On point 👌

    2. @Lallu LAL, totally agreed

  6. I don’t believe sree would’ve made any of them drink soap?there has been situations where he backed off when task demanded other contestants their personal possessions hair etc instead let himself get nominated, he according to me was fooling around that’s why he showed it into camera besides there was detergent among things provided by bb as well though if he indeed was going to give it the contenders then he’s absolutely wrong here but his intentions will be cleared in coming wkw i just feel he’s gonna get long lataad from salman 🙁 and romil and surbhi will jump in like always

    1. Romil used room freshener and continuously sprayed on shristy and neha noses in that hostage torture task which neha confirmed in an interview and bb even intervened but they didn’t showed it in prime time and he wasn’t chided by salman either for it so maybe sree will not be either?but who am i kidding there has been a pattern this whole season with letting commoners mistakes go and highlighting celebs little to no missteps smh this is why many celebrities refused to come this year soon bigg boss won’t have even one celeb accepting their offer

  7. Deepika is the most negative personality of this season …

    Kya socha tha aur kya hi nikli…. Itne silly ideas kahan se lati h..
    Bechara kv starting k do weeks deepika and srosty ko bachane k liye jailgaya.. Captaincy give up ki.. Nominatios m aya..
    But selfishhoneki bhi hadd hoti h.. Kab tak dpka mentalon wali harkat karti rahegi..
    I thinkbb m enter karme se pehlesorpe bada sa stone gir gaya tha..
    Itne options hone k baad bhi madam jail punishment k liye kv ka naamle rahi h.. Q???

    Sristy n saba ki fight m toh bada highcourt ki judge ban rahi thi.. Apna time aya tohdeepak k face pe paani bhi fenka.. Kl perform bhi bohot ganda kiya.. Ab khud kanaam qnhi le rahi jail k liye.. Tab toh sristy ko jail bheja tha na uski galti nikal k.. Itni hi genuine h toh ab khud jaye jail..

    Abhi kv ko na dpka se bach m rehna chaiye warnajaise neha dpka k chakkar m bahar ho gayi kv bhi ho jayega

    1. XYZ, same thought here..
      She wants to show herself as matured and fair Contestant…but failed miserably in fact..
      She may b wants everyone asks her opinions for every matter just like many HM listened to Vikas’ opinions last season..
      She got hurted whn surbi caught her neck na? So she responded and pushed her back ( not hard , surbi was acting like her body hit on ground)… my point is she was blaming Shristy’s reaction to Saba’s hard push… why she can’t take the whole blame alone now?
      I feel surbi supporters also are disappointed with Surbi’s acting of falling and her potty talk

  8. it was wrong of sree to make that milk+detergent concoction however people saying on twitter that he was trying to kill one of them just made me laugh lol if they had consumed it it would’ve caused vomit or diarrhea at best and that still had little to no chance chance of happening since he only putted two three drops however it would’ve been poisonous if it was cloth washing powder or phenyl etc but he didn’t use those tho like always he set himself up for criticism and i know when hms are made aware of it which they’ll in coming wkw they’ll not let him live so well done sree you sure know how to f up your image he is topping hina in being a anti-hero…but but good news is i finally found the contestant who i really am liking i was unsure about megha when she entered the house but i was totally sold today

    1. He may b thinking foolish like to threaten contenders to drink or quit by revealing it is dish wash liquid.. he might hav thought contenders should drink anything they give as per rules… We couldn’t see his plan bcs BB intervened very early.. shiv was a neutral sanchalak .. right..? He wasn’t biased with any contenders.. he set his own rule of 2 chammach 3chammachh… 😄😄

  9. I dont like any celebrity any contestant this season..feel bad for kv..srishty depeka are too dumb to even write about them…romil surbhi only has one agenda..get as much footage by demeaning sree aa possible…Megha looks sensible…otherwise none of these contestants deserve to win this season
    In the torture train..when ppl were targeting megha and Deepak.. Saba had no problem..but as soon as they started feeding chillies and other spices to somi she suddenly felt it was too much…really…why do you expect different rules for your sister…its good Deepak didnt remove saba nest otherwise they would have that somi would have won captaincy task if Deepak didnt remove her sister…now somi should realize that Deepak and megha are mentally stronger than her…and not start playing victim card ke sab mere peeche par gye the mujhe hrane ke liye

    1. @sandeep..
      True… Saba somi surbhi.. Really pissed off with these padies just bcz of their drama..
      Khud karte h toh humanity yaad nhi ati but jb jhud ka sath koi dusra kare toh pagal ho jate h ye log… 😑

    2. Sandeep,
      I felt Megha suffered more tortures comparing Deepak and somi.. yet she has more will power.. Deepak will feel bad he won task bcs he wasn’t attacked much…

  10. Can’t figure out a favorite this season


    Dipi is kinda negative but she is playing her own game what more do ya want man and romi and Surbhi deepak so irritating I felt bad for kv too Nd yess what does sree want hmm very werid I guess evai going to bb doing these kinda lame games gotta show ya true colours Nd yep dpik has showed herself lol now there’s hate that’s she’s like this fml you was never a fan of her anyway wyss😂😂too much hate man stop hating on dis women she doing what she’s doing she’s playing smootlyy nd ace proud of her lol cant defeat how strong she is and she needs to keep distance away from sree man fs your going after sree like he some kid of yours seriously never blindly trust someone too much that you lose your own Hope swear down is like she’s growed up sree and made him like this whatever’s she goes why with him tf that’s messed up you need to stay away from these people and concertrate on yourself Nd play your own game please don’t be like luv don’t do what he did following dipi rules telling him what to do which side to be on and when he realised how fake she was luv was left alone nd hurt and that’s what exactly dipi is doing dis is to much dawgggg please do your own ting ur own shit you don’t need to be a mother or a aunty of dis house stop being like shilpaaaaaa maaa my foot😂be you do you stop being what you don’t wanna be and come out and win dis show pls love u yeeee for the dipiiil haters out der lick Surbhi arse nd shove her name up ya dirty backside🤢 safe peace out✌🏻


      Well said👏💯

    2. You sound like Surbi Rana now 😟


    You mean hina and yes she is being like that lol she needs get out of his shoes and see the reality and her being like this won’t get her anywhere btw nice name love it😂👏Surbhis annoying as f**k someone needs to get this girl out but whatever you said it’s absoloutly true I support u in this👏💯💯

    1. Hina was negative but she was extremely genuine and didn’t sugarcoat her words ever besides imho none of this year contestants(maybe except for megha) compares to vikas or shilpa or even hina whatsoever whatever those three were like but they were still strong personalities,had clear vision and own agenda which they used to stick with instead of these confused atmaas who themselves don’t know what they want, they are either too cautious or too over the top

  13. Was feeling bad for KV… but he should not be acting so mahaan. apne apne task karo, khud ki liye khed o. this is a task. everything is exceptional no matter how bad it is. you joined big boss… you should know all of this.
    Romil and surbhi… they need to stop thinking they are everything. i hate surbhi so much, it is one thing to be real… but she overreacts for everything and is always involving herself in everything for footage. Romil is the real mastermind.
    Urvashi… she really does not involve in many tasks but she wanted captaincy. she needs to earn it. my opinion…
    I agree with one comment, saba had no problem with deepak and megha being fed chili but when somi was being fed it was an issue. arre yaar yeh toh task hain!
    Sree is a mess. he was so good in the secret room, seemed to be relaxed and refreshed but he spoiled his image even more now
    Deepika is irritating now… and sristy is too.

  14. Surbhi da hoe

    Surbhi is the biggest hoe in the BB12 house and Romulo and deepak are her official pimps

    1. I think nobody should fight with Surbi.. it’s not bcs she s right..,only bcs when she opens her gutter mouth I ‘m forced to press MUTE button on remote.. Sirf Telly updates padna achha hai jab uski scene aayi toh..

      1. @Reem..

        actually celebrities ko usey reactions dena hi stop kar dena chaiye..

        cz bohot time ho gaya she needs to do something else to look more in 1 hour

  15. I can’t stand this Romil. Most irritating contestant of all time. Even A-cash was more entertaining than him. Ed mei kuch karta nahi Na ghar k kaam na Gym garden ya bed me sota rehta hai. Boring . Honey laga diya to humanity yaad ayi…wo jab Dipika ko paani fek raha tha tab kaha gayi thi humanity? Agar ye koi celeb karta to kitna bara mudda ban jata ki cheating ki ye wo. Khud kare to humanity koi aur kare to mahan banne ka natak? His obsession with Sree is too much. Sree ne jab samjhaya to bolta hai Aap v to galat karte hai to hum v karenge. I mean what? Dipak ne Urvashi ka sipper toda to aa gaya Sree Sree kar k..where was he when Surbhi broke the mug, When Somi broke the plate to instigate Sree? Khud k minions kare to picche dekh k enjoy karta hai aur Celebs kare to rule break? Uska kuch nahi hai group me khelo, bedroom mandli banao, Surbhi k picche fight karne aao, aur Sree Sree bolte raho. Instigating KVB against Sree khud jab eviction ka time aya tha tab to ek baar v Nirmal ko rehna chahiye bola tha? Selfish Camel 👎Also noticed ki its Deepak jo pehle plan banata hai. Uske muh se pehli baat nikalti hai fir Romil haan haan wahi bolke apna start kar deta hai.
    And Sree is actually so unpredictable. Loved that he didn’t go wth the bhedchal and started supporting Deepak. Dipika ne end pe plan change kar diya aur Megha ko target bana diya. Well coz Megha is her biggest competitor. But Sree apna kyu bigare uske saath? And with Sree mixing detergent with the milk…don’t think wo unko pine deta. It’s the same Sree who asked Somi to cut only an inch of her hair 4 nomination. Rule me rehke he was also giving honey to Dipak .But who knows? Dipika should play her own game including Shristy why always trying to control Sree? Uska khud ka game hai. Aur Jasleen se kya problem hai? Sree consider her as a sister just like them to uski sune v to kya hota hai?
    Also Jasleen ne jo di na surbhi ko 😂😂 Surbhi ka muh sirf male contestnt k upar he chalta hai coz she knows that wo log usko itna kuch nahi karenge coz woman card play kar deti hai. Anyways in future want to see jasleen vs surbhi.

    1. @ABC..
      Nice comment…. 👍

      1. @XYZ 🤗

    2. ABC,

  16. Celebrities are brainless dis season dey don’t even plan in tasks n don’t know Wat to do especially sristi, Sree n dipika dis time commoners r much better.. megha S going good ,hope to see karan vir should use his brain better n become strong

    1. Megha is doing great .. hope she won’t turn negative or irritate us like others..

  17. Surbhi is really funny tho shilpa level of funny and entertaining i just watched two voot extra dose videos and she really surprised me i don’t know why they don’t show those moments of her?I think it’s producers fault for the way this years bb is going they decided on focusing the fights and all the filth instead of showing whatever really happens whether it’s fights or other stuff the team behind editing and confirming the material for prime time is a mess even the wkw scripts are not as fire-ish as they used to be..I’m not saying her constant overreaction especially to sree aren’t super annoying but that there’s another part of her personality which is not being shown rendering her to look like one dimensional and new priyanka jagga, same thing is happening with sree, he isn’t just angry confused egoist he’s actually quite friendly and funny but they(the producers)stuck on giving him that image…out of them all i’m disappointed by deepika the most she was so vibrant and confident when she first came but now she just don’t have anything to say or does unless it’s involving sree i thought maybe they’re not showing her full side like some other contestants and went on to find something in extra dose videos but nope there was nothing she has downgraded herself and need to review her game plan…only thought that i’m still stuck with since the season started is deepak is annoying they tried to sell him as an entertainer but he’s double faced and a chugalkhor and i would rather watch paint dry on wall than him and romil acting like ” mastermind”, vikas was like gucci brand mastermind while these two are like kabadibazaar secondhand masterminds lol i mean seriously one can be mastermind if he/she is among smart planners and he/she outwit them but you’re NOT a mastermind where is nobody else is planning and just going with the flow and you win against those fools, they need to come down of their high horses… I don’t have favorites this season but people i feel are a tiny bit irritating and there’s something genuine about them are sree and megha kv also but he’s dumb and overdramatic and has come with his balaji films scripts

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