Muskaan 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: A shocker for Ronak

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Muskaan 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak shooting at the apple. Everyone gets shocked seeing Bablu shot in his leg. Ronak asks everyone to get back. Babu says I will shoot at your head. Ronak says I will shoot at another leg and make him handicap for life. Inspector frees Muskaan. Bablu says I will see you. Ronak says you can see me, you were asking me to aim and win her, her family thinks she is a thing, you think she is a trophy. He asks Muskaan to get up. He asks Bablu to see the girl, she also has feelings, she also wants respect. He says you won’t understand this, so you eat the apple. He asks Muskaan to come. Tabassum says Ronak will face Sir ji’s anger. She asks Muskaan to recall what happened with her mum. Ronak answers Tabassum. Ronak takes Muskaan with him. He sees the jeep keys missing. He checks another

car. He drives off the police car.

Tabassum calls Sir ji and says Bablu ruined everything. He asks where is Muskaan. She say those two guys escaped with her. Sir ji asks driver to take u turn. Ronak sees Muskaan and asks where to drop her. She says leave me at cross road, maybe some way takes me to my mumma. Sir ji follows the car. He asks goon not to let anything happen to the girl. He says shoot those guys, get the girl. Hanumanth says a car is following us. Ronak races the car. The goons follow. Muskaan gets tensed. Ronak takes a turn seeing a truck coming. His car stops. Sir ji and goons stop them. Goons get Muskaan from the car.

Ronak asks the goons to stop. Hanumanth gets scared. The goons shoot at the car. Sir ji says shoot them down. Ronak gets his gun. He shoots at the goons. Sir ji says i will take you to your mum. Muskaan says please don’t do anything to them, they took me by misunderstanding, leave them, don’t do anything to them. Ronak gets shocked seeing Sir ji. Ronak comes out. Sir ji gets shocked and stops the goons from shooting Ronak.

Ronak comes to Sir ji and says ask them to shoot me. He keeps Sir ji’s gun at his head. Muskaan says no, don’t anger him, he left you, please go. Ronak asks what will he leave me, I left him, Mr. Singh aka Sir ji. Tabassum comes there and says this is that guy who troubled us, kill him, so that no one sees Sir ji’s brothel again. Ronak asks brothel? Tabassum asks Sir ji what is he thinking, kill this problem today. Ronak says I m a problem, but he can’t shoot me. He asks Sir ji can’t he shoot, did he forget shooting while running a brothel, is his hands shaking to shoot his only son. He cries. Muskaan, Hanumanth and Tabassum get shocked.

Ronak says I know my dad has kept a dancer as her mistress, you became a father again, but I didn’t know you are father of entire city, you run brothel, I wish to break all ties now and blacken your face, my mum regarded you Devta, you are a devil, you have two daughters, you don’t care of getting others’ daughters in brothel, you don’t deserve to become a father. Sir ji gets silent. Ronak says mum just loved you and prayed for you, if you couldn’t understand her sacrifice, you couldn’t understand anything. Hanumanth asks him to calm down. Ronak says what will happen if mum knows this, mum made him a Lord and worships him. He asks Sir ji to show his bad face and tell truth to his mum. He says I just hate you.

Sir ji says I rule in this city because of this business, I m not ashamed, I get money and respect by this business, it would be good that you don’t come in my way. Ronak says I don’t want to come in your way, your truth has come in between my mum’s happiness, you have to tell her entire truth, she won’t trust anyone else. Sir ji says I love her a lot, you don’t need to teach me anything, I have done everything on my own for the sake of my family’s happiness. Ronak says you know what you are saying, its better to be happy in poverty. Sir ji says you will know poverty in life, I didn’t let poverty’s shadow fall on you, don’t try to give me Gyaan. He asks Tabassum to take Muskaan to clients. Ronak says Muskaan won’t go anywhere. Sir ji asks him not to come in between. Ronak says by mistake, I m your son and I don’t know what I can do in anger. Sir ji asks her to take Muskaan. Ronak threatens Tabassum. Muskaan says enough now, I won’t go with anyone, I want to go to my mum. She runs away. Sir ji asks the goons to catch her. Ronak stops the goons. Ronak says you will tell truth to mum, Muskaan won’t go to that brothel again. He points gun at Sir ji and leaves with Hanumanth.

Ronak stops Muskaan. She asks why did you come after me, I don’t want you to get more troubled, I have to go to mum. He says you can go to her, but come with me first. She refuses. He says fine as you wish. He lifts her and takes her to temple. She asks why did you get me to temple. They pray. She says I can understand you are worried, let me go, please. He stops her.

Ronak says if I say in simple words, you just marry me. Muskaan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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