Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update – All nine warrior brother’s are fighting with evil gajmukh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all nine brother’s move to fight with gajmukh while soorvansh asks his guard what is happening there on battlefield to go & see & still why the young warrior of mahadev is not yet clutched & his mother soorasahi also tells him to be alert & to see to it that all of them are killed.
All nine brothers are fighting with the army of gajmukh killing them one by one. Their elder brother senapati is giving them directions to kill them all to make my path free towards gajmukh while gajmukh understands this & uses his powers to instigate him to see him & as he reaches towards him he is unable to hit him as gajmukh was only showing his image to him. Senapati is trying to kill his army to reach towards him but gajmukh is standing on the evil mountain to instigate him & they are helpless.
Kartik is saying we have to help them I feel now as gajmukh is playing tricks while ganesh is also saying they need help from us but brother kartik should give permission.
The evil woman sister of sooravansh immerges at place to search brahmadev & she orders her sister to search brahmadev’s wife & she calls brahmadev shouting & warning him that if you do not come then I will create havoc on earth & she converts herself in cow to shake earth while brahmadev comes to stop her. The evil woman tells brahmadev that i have completed my work now.
Gajmukh is playing trick to make the nine brother’s fight within themselves & they understand this.
Kartik too understands but is helpless towards his promise for his nine brother’s also ganesh feels confused what to do.
All nine brothers are getting confused what to do to wash this vigna & the senapati brother understands this & he tells them to meditate for vignaharta which he had to do earlier & ganesh goes towards them for help & senapati feels glad while kartik is getting angry on ganesh why he went there without my permission. Ganesh tells them to meditate for weapon god to fight with this evil while kartik also uses his powers to help them all to wash out his trick powers. Gajmukh is shocked when trying to use his trick powers but get helpless & senapati brother tells gajmukh now your powers are washed out.
Devsena & her mother are praying & she says I’ll bring flowers for Pooja while evil woman sees her & plans evil towards her & devsena is hearing some noises while plucking flowers as evil woman says she won’t be spared now & surrounds her & devsena gets scared & she prays taking name of swami while kartik feels something & mayur comes flying towards devsena & evil woman is saying how mayur will save her & as they try to attack mayur then he uses his powers towards them to stop them while evil sister says I have to bring some new powerful weapon for him & devsena is feeling some images seen while mayur is signaling her.

Precap: Indra tells gajmukh that you challenged son of mahadev which you are not aware of while kartik attacks his weapon towards gajmukh killing him instantly. Evil sooravansh & all are shocked seeing killing of gajmukh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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