Are you excited to see Diana Khan in Beyhadh 2?

Beyhadh 2 will soon have a new entry. Diana Khan will be joining the mystery thriller. The story will get new twists with more characters joining in. Diana will be playing Myra, Ananya’s step-sister. She is also determined to take revenge on Mrityunjay Roy. She also has a past score to settle, just like Maya. Ananya is trying hard to save Rudra from Maya. Ananya spies on Maya. She gets an evidence against Maya. She learns about Maya and Rishi’s relationship. Maya’s mother doesn’t let Ananya get away easily. Ananya faces the very dangerous Maya. Maya’s revenge motives gets more threatening for the people around.

Maya doesn’t believe in forgiving. Ananya gets to see Maya’s true side on getting threatened at gun point. Maya proves her revengeful streak. Similarly, Myra will take a shocking move by shooting at Mrityunjay. Myra wants to kill Mrityunjay. Rudra will be seen becoming Mrityunjay’s support for the first time, since Rishi has passed away. Myra enters to ruin the Roy family. Myra and Maya will join hands to play the double impact attack on Roys. Are you excited to see Diana Khan in Beyhadh 2? Let us know your opinion.

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