Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata kills raktbeej.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with raktbeej’s various clones fighting mata kali and mata chandmari. Raktbeej laughs and says go my soldier, fight this devi. Mata kali gets angry and starts killing as many clones as possible, but as the blood falls on ground more clones arise and fight mata kali and mata chandmari. Devi kaushaki sees this and says all my yogini forms appear and fight these demons. The 64 yogini forms of devi parvati appear and as fierce as mata kali, they fight all the soldiers of raktbeej. Raktbeej laughs and says more soldiers will arise as more blood falls on ground.
Indra dev says this way mata wont be able to kill raktbeej, more of his forms will arise as his blood falls on ground. Kartikeya says indra dev, leave your negative thoughts, mata can do anything, her power is what everyone is made of. Ganesh says mata kali will kill this evil demon, she knows what to do.
There mata kali gets even more angry as more clones of raktbeej arise. Devi kaushaki sees this and says devi kali, drink the blood of these demons, make them your feast. Mata kali screams in anger and she becomes huge in size. Raktbeej says this is not possible, how can devi drink the blood of my soldiers? What do I do? Mata kali stands tall and she stamps her foot on the ground with force, all the clones of raktbeej get pulled into mata kali’s mouth as she eats them and drinks their blood. Raktbeej says this cannot happen. The 64 yogini devi’s fight the clones and kick each of them into mata’s mouth. Mata drinks their blood and craves for more blood and flesh. Devi chandmari and all the 64 yogini devi’s kick all the clones into mata kali’s mouth killing all. Devi kaushaki says don’t let the blood fall on ground, make them your food devi kali. Raktbeej is the last one left, he looks at mata scared. Mata kali says raktbeej, you were wrong, you are not a disciple but a coward, you knew the power of jagat janni and that is why you were scared and so you tried to stay away from this battle, but shumbh insulted your mother and so to respect your mother you went against jagat janni? You forgot that the jagat janni is the mother of your mother too! You made that a reason and tried to fight devi kaushaki, you knew the power of parvati but even then you did not come into my protection by becoming my disciple, you rather chose to go against devi kaushaki, you are a fake being! You thought that mata’s power is in everyone and thus thought you could win against her but you forgot that you are not equal to jagat janni’s power, she is greater than everyone! Now I will drink your blood and kill you. mata kali removes trishul and puts in the stomach of raktbeej, she takes him in her mouth and eats him and kills raktbeej. Raktbeej screams as he dies.
Kartikeya and all gods do pranam to mata kali.
There sugreeva comes scared to shumbh. Shumbh says I believe raktbeej has won! Sugreeva says maharaj shumbh actually, raktbeej and all his clone soldiers have been killed by that devi. Shumbh gets up shocked and says how is that possible? Raktbeej can never die, if his blood falls on ground more soldiers are formed. Sugreeva says maharaj, devi kali made raktbeej and all the clones her food and she ate them and drank their blood. Shumbh is shocked and says what? Shumbh gets angry and says tell my other powerful demons to take their armies and kill that devi. Sugreeva thinks devi kali is more thirsty for blood now, it is no use sending any number of demons.
There mata kali groans and screams in thirst, she says I want blood, more blood and flesh I want. Kartikeya says mata kali’s form has gone vikraal, she has to be stopped. Ganesh says if the yogini’s try, mata can stop. Mata kali says I want more blood and flesh, more blood! The yogini’s say mata, please calm down, all demons are dead, please calm down for this world. Mata kali looks at them and says who are you all? I will kill anyone I see and make them my food. Mata kali removes trishul to attack the yogini’s, the yogini’s run to devi kaushaki and say save our lives mata. Ganesh says I have to do something. Devi chandmari stands in front of mata kali and says please calm down mata. Kali aims her trishul at chandmari as she closes her eyes, ganesh comes in between.

Precap: mahadev comes to stop devi kali, he lies down on ground in his huge size form. Mata kali steps over mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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