Krishna Chali London 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dubey gets arrested

Krishna Chali London 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna leaving Radhe’s hand. Lali comes to see Radhe. Krishna stays annoyed. Lali says I made aloo parathas, I will get it for you two. Krishna says don’t get it for me. Lali goes. Radhe asks Krishna not to be upset with Lali, no one thought what’s right and what’s wrong, before you came here, you also took time to change your opinion about me, Lali will also understand, she is good at heart. She goes to call doctor. Lali gets paratha. Krishna says I will have this, what will Radhe eat then. Lali smiles and says I will get it. She goes. Radhe smiles. She talks to doctor. Radhe thinks if doctor tells her that I got fine, then Krishna will go, what shall I do, I can’t jump from terrace every day.

Dubey’s house and clinic get ruined. The officials and police trouble him. The man slaps Dubey. Everyone gets shocked. Dubey says I beg you, stop this. The man says I m from CBI, there is a complaint against Dubey, he is running a clinic with a fake degree. Dubey says no one fell ill by my medicines, I m serving people since 20 years, ask them who got hurt. The man scolds him.

Doctor cuts Radhe’s bandage. Krishna asks when will he get fine. Radhe says let it be for few days. Doctor asks him to walk slowly. Radhe walks and thinks so something fast else I have bid bye to Krishna. He acts that he is in pain. Doctor says it shouldn’t be painful. Radhe asks am I lying. Bua calls Krishna. Krishna says we should go and have an xray. Doctor says good idea, get x ray done and meet me with reports. He goes. The people defend Dubey and ask inspector to listen. Bua, Sonal and others try hard to stop the arrest. Reporter takes pics. Bua says Dubey is a good man. The man scolds people. Dubey says these all are branded medicines, its real. The man says you don’t have genuine medical degree. He slaps Dubey. He says you are a fraud doctor, you need to go to jail. Dubey is dragging in the van and taken away. Bua cries. Sonal asks her to call Krishna. Bua calls Saajan. He ends the call and takes Guddan for movie. Krishna and Radhe miss to see the news. Shukla, Triloki and Gajanan see the news about Dubey’s arrest. Shukla asks haven’t you watched tv news before. Gajanan says we should go to police station, Dubey got arrested. Shukla scolds him.

Doctor checks x ray reports and says your leg is fine. Radhe says my pain…. doctor says its psychological, you start walking confidently. Radhe says plaster will be good. Doctor says no need, have medicines and take rest. Krishna and Radhe come home. She asks Radhe to take rest. She sees her phone. She sees Bua’s missed calls and worries. Lali asks her to call Bua. Krishna calls Bua. Bua says I m calling since long, police has arrested Dubey. Krishna gets shocked. Bua says everything got ruined. Krishna asks what, dad….. Radhe asks what happened. Krishna runs out.

Minister says your work is done well, Dubey is treated well in jail, I told the inspector that its Shukla’s special request to beat Dubey. Shukla laughs and thanks him. Krishna and Bua look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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