Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Narsimha kills hirankashyap.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram heading towards the mountain to find dhenukasura. Kanha says we will find dhenukasura by his sound, brother balram only your power can kill that demon.
Narad muni says mata laxmi, why can’t paramavatar shri Krishna kill dhenukasura? He is no match for the power of Krishna! What is stopping kanha? What promise did he give bhakt prahlad? Laxmi says devrishi, long time ago during the time of hirankashyap, who was the king of demons. He had a son named prahlad who was a staunch disciple of pabhu Vishnu, hirankahsyap couldn’t digest the fact that his son was a disciple of lord Vishnu, so he tried to kill his son by many ways. In flashback, hirankashyap orders his demon soldiers to kill prahlad. The soldiers attack prahlad but he prays to lord Vishnu and a shield appears around him. hirankashyap then tells soldiers to throw prahlad down the mountain, prahlad is thrown but he prays to lord Vishnu and so he lands on a soft lotus flower. Then hirankashyap also tries to get prahlad trampled under the feet of elephants but to his despair, nothing happens to prahlad because of his belief in lord Vishnu. Hirankashyap’s sister holika then says brother I will kill prahlad by sitting with him on logs of fire, I have a blessing that fire cannot burn me. Holika sits with prahlad on a pile of fire but her body starts burning and prahlad prays to lord Vishnu and is protected from the fire, holika burns and dies. Hirankashyap is annoyed of his son prahlad and in the palace he says what do I do to you? you are not my son, I will kill you at any cost. Prahlad says father, I am not your enemy, I am just a disciple of lord Vishnu, prabhu Vishnu is in everything, he is inside me and inside everyone including you, he is in this pillar as well as all non-living things. Hirankashyap says so he is in the pillar? Let me see, hirankashyap breaks the pillar and lord vishnu’s form of Narsimha appears. Hirankashyap is scared and says I cannot die, I have a blessing. Narsimha takes hirankashyap on his thighs and says you can die, you were blessed that you cannot be killed in day or night, nor a human or any demon can kill you or any animal can kill you, and no weapon in the universe can kill you.
Narsimha says I am not a man or not an animal, I am both, and it is neither day nor night, and I will kill you with my nails which is not a weapon. Narsimha roars and tears the stomach of hirankashyap killing him. then kanha’s form appears and says bhakt prahlad, you have impressed me by your bhakti, ask what you want. Prahla says prabhu, I don’t want anything but only my bhakti towards you. kanha says okay prahlad, but you can ask anything else you want. Prahlad says prabhu, my father was killed from your form, people will call me the killer of my own kul, I want you to give me a promise that no one else from my kul will be killed by you ever. Kanha says okay prahlad, this is my promise.
Laxmi says this way, dhenukasura was also the ansh of prahlad’s kul, he belongs to the family line of prahlad and that is why kanha cannot kill him.
There kanha finds dhenukasura and says dhenukasura you evil demon, stop your adharma. Dhenukasura laughs and says you must be that kanha which kansa told me about, you cannot do anything to me. Balram comes and hits him with mudgal, dhenukasura falls down. Kanha smiles. Dhenukasura says I will kill you. he runs towards balram but balram gets aside and dhenukasura crashes into a rock and gets injured. Balram gets angry and he picks dhenukasura and throws him down, he then hits dhenukasura with his mudgal and dhenukasura flies away and falls far from the village. Balram says I killed that demon alas. Kanha says good brother, lets go back now, everyone must be waiting for us.

Precap: Kanha and balram come to vrindavan for the Pooja of mata kamdhenu. Dhenukasura comes back and turns damodar and 2 men of the village into his demons.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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