Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update – Pundalik saves Roopmati’s jewellery.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pundalik sleeping keeping his Prabhu near him while his Prabhu is moving his hands on his head to make him sleep.
Pundalik’s parent’s are watching him sleep & appreciates his devotion towards his Prabhu & decides to provide him a Gurukul to achieve knowledge.
Ganeshji also narrating that correctly said by Pundalik’s parents that it was time he has to be taught knowledge which is ultimate for a person to lead his life devotionally.
Pundalik attends Gurukul where he learns knowledge of devotion from his teachings. Pundalik gets accolades from his Guru who takes test & he is the only student to pass the test saying concentration is the main factor by which knowledge can be achieved. Guru appreciates & blesses him.
Shri Krishna & Rukmini also appreciate his knowledge of answering his Guru correctly.
Pundalik grows up & one day is sitting making flute of cane while some ladies watch him & appreciate his smartness. His friends get jealous watching ladies only noticing him while they are ignored. A lady Roopmati from ladies group gets attracted towards Pundalik while he is playing a flute but his friends are becoming more jealous. Pundalik realizes some ladies around him hence he leaves chanting name of his Prabhu to make way for them. Ladies tells Roopmati that he has left because he doesn’t get attracted by ladies but instead she takes oath of attracting him towards her. His friends talk accusing him for attracting ladies towards him but may be fooling them of showing his devotion.
Pundalik arrives at his house while his mother tells him to play flute & he plays very nicely hence his father decides to perform Pooja of Prabhu by playing his flute & he singing prayers. They invite all villagers & perform Pooja along with Pundalik playing his flute while Roopmati also attends along with her friends but a thief also comes to attend in wake of stealing Roopmati’s jewellery.
Roopmati thinks of planning to attract Pundalik hence she goes out the house while the thief follows her saying it’s good his way is free. Thief is following Roopmati while she feels somebody is following her seeing shadow due to its late in the evening but whenever she turns he isn’t seen & wonders.
Pundalik’s father stops singing & starts teaching how to chant mantra of Prabhu with pure devotion while various other Guru’s are also attending Prabhu’s programme.
The thief comes in front of Roopmati taking out his knife & warning her to give all the jewellery while she shouts for help & Pundalik along with everybody hear the shout hence Pundalik takes blessings of his parent’s & run to see while his parents are intimating him that he is having weapon but other Guru’s are telling them that your son is a very strong boy & who has taken your blessings will always be a winner.
Roopmati gives her jewellery to the thief & he is taking it away but Pundalik is following him while Roopmati whom he sees gets surprised.
Pundalik fights with the thief making the jewellery fall down while he is attacking him with his knife but his parent’s are wondering what must have happened to Pundalik or is he fine & some villagers & his friends also come running.
Pundalik confronts the thief holding Roopmati’s hands which makes him soft thinking that this is some exceptional experience of touch which was never experienced. The thief is warning to attack Roopmati but Pundalik is in his way & he thinks seeing the villagers also that he has to leave from here & runs way.
Roopmati hugs Pundalik feeling relaxed while all villagers & his friends appreciate him. Pundalik is giving the jewellery to her but she insists to put on her by his own hands but he feels awkward while his friends are insisting him to do it & not to hurt her feelings.

Precap: Pundalik’s friends are praising picking him on their shoulders while his parent’s are shouting his friends but Pundalik argues with his father asking that why was it necessary to shout my friends without any reason but his mother intervenes telling that it was necessary because you are losing your actual path due to them. Shri Krishna is understanding all this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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