Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Shani is blessed by mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana continuing the story to ganesh. He says then shani was cursed by devi manda, he went and left the palace and started meditating and praying to mahadev, standing on a mountain on one leg. Shani meditates to mahadev for years and years until the fire of his meditation burns the entire mountain. Mahadev hears the prayers of shani and he decides to appear in front of shani. Shani prays and as mahadev is impressed, he appears and says son shani, I am impressed by your prayers. What do you want? Shani says mahadev, my prabhu I am grateful for your darshan! Taking your name has always given me peace. Mahadev smiles and shani says mahadev, I have waited and meditated all these years so that I could have a greater purpose to my life, I want to do something for the universe and be of assistance for the world! My purpose needs to be greater so that I am capable of handling it. mahadev says son, I know you need to prove your worth to surya dev, you have meditated all these years but you were always born to be amongst the gods, you were always born to be a god and I bless you with shani! From now on, you shall be the last eclipse of the sun, without you the surya mandal shall be incomplete, your purpose shall be to rid the world of evil, devi manda cursed you that whatever you saw would be destroyed but I limit the curse and from now on, whatever you shall see wont be destroyed but if you decide for that thing to have a problem, your eyesight shall do that! but more than that, you shall decide what is evil and what is not, you shall punish evil and take your rightful place amongst the 9 planets, you being the Saturn.
The whole world does pranam to shani dev, shani becomes Shani dev from then. Shani dev then goes to take his place in the surya mandal. In the surya mandal, rahu, ketu, Chandra dev and the other gods of the surya mandal are present but they hide behind rocks and say shani dev, don’t look at us and give us your eyesight of maha dasha. Shani dev says where is surya dev? Why hasn’t he come here to make me the part of surya mandal? The other gods say, shani dev, surya dev has denied to let you in the surya mandal as you shall never be a part of it. shani dev says then I shall make him, because I am rightful to it. shani dev uses his powers on the surya mandal and tries to destroy it, Chandra dev and the gods say please stop it shani dev, don’t put us in danger.
Vishwakarma and shokracharya are with surya dev and they say surya dev, you have to let shani dev in the surya mandal because he is a god now too! Surya dev is angry. Vishwakarma says surya dev, we have to go and stop shani dev. Surya dev goes with vishwakarma and shokracharya and he stops shani dev. Surya dev says shani, stop this! Shani says it is shani dev now! surya dev says yes shani dev, you are a part of the surya mandal and I accept you as the last eclipse of the sun.
Shani dev, goes with surya dev and all gods of the surya mandal and he goes and looks at his black seat which represents his role in the surya mandal. Shani dev says look at my throne, it shows my success, surya dev before I told you would prove to you what I am capable of! Today my position is higher than you. surya dev says shani dev, it is clear that we will always have our differences and nothing will be right between us but you have to be a part of the surya mandal as it is a responsibility, you cannot mess anything up. Shani dev says like you sent my mother back? surya dev is angry.
Ravana says surya dev and shani dev have always had hate for each other, but the story goes ahead. Ganesh says what happened then? Mushak plans on pushing ravana to let the aatma ling down.

Precap: Ravana tells the story ahead of shani dev and how mahadev took his first avatar, of Piplath to ganesh. Mushak runs towards ravana to push him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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