Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha gets karna kundal.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and the old man talking. The old man says kanha, I know where the karna kundal is but whosoever wants it shall answer my questions and crack my maze, only then shall you be the rightful owner of the karna kundal. Kanha says okay. The old man says, tell me what can break a house but still fill the stomachs of humans? It is a saver but also a breaker. Kanha thinks and after some time, he says yes it is a crack, it gets in a field of crops but also gets in a house, but a crack in a house destroys it but in a field of crops it gives food which quenches our hunger. The old man says okay that is right! Old man asks another of the question to crack the puzzle. Kanha thinks for some time and gives the right answer to the 2nd question as well. Kanha then looks around and the water disappears and the illusion vanishes. The king of the yaksh removes the disguise of old man, kanha says yaksh raj what are you doing here?
Balram is protecting devi ila and he sees the sun is about to set. Devi ila is doing her yagya but shivering. balram says devi ila is scared that it is sunset soon, kanha has to do something quickly and save her life.
Radha is in the form of vira laxmi as she fights karnasura. Karnasura says vira laxmi, I have waited for years to kill you, when I will be done with you I will kill all people of vrindavan and then kansa will kill kanha. Vira laxmi says karnasura, till today I have destroyed evil like you and it will be your end too. Vira laxmi takes a sword and attacks karnasura, they clash their weapons and fight fiercely and vira laxmi lands a cut on karnasura’s neck. Karnasura is injured but the cut heals and he laughs and says vira laxmi you cannot kill me like this, I am immortal and no one can kill me. karnasura attacks vira laxmi as she defends herself.
Rishi gargacharya looks at all people of vrindavan as their forms have turned to demons. The demon forms say, destroy the entire village and kill all the people, destroy anything that you see. Yashoda, damodar and al people of the demon forms start attacking houses, bullock carts and everything that they can get their eye on. They attack spells as everything starts to be destroyed. Rishi gargacharya says vira laxmi and kanha have to be quick, the people have turned to demons, prabhu do something and stop them and save all people and vrindavan.
Kanha is with yaksh raj and yaksh raj says prabhu, I found the karna kundal in the river many years ago and so I decided to protect it because when I saw its tej and power, I knew it was a very powerful weapon and it should not land in the wrong hands. Since then I have protected it with my maze of questions, many demons have tried to get it but they either got killed or left without the karna kundal but you unraveled the maze and have become the bearer of the karna kundal, take it prabhu and please find the rightful owner of it. kanha takes karna kundal and says thank you yaksh raj, I will give it to the rightful owner of it but also stop the adharma that is about to be happen.

Precap: kanha goes with the karna kundal to devi ila to save her. Vira laxmi kills karnasura but he resurrects. Finally devi ila gets karna kundal and karnasura is now at threat of dying.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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