Pyaar Ke Papad 20th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar apologizes to Jagat

Pyaar Ke Papad 20th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar and Shivika spending time together. Dil diyan gallan…plays…. Jagat says I have studied 8th class and my wife studied until 6th class, we were helpless but we want to get our daughter educated like my younger brother. Jaya says we want our daughter to speak in English. Principal says at least you know the imp of English language. The lady says if she learns this from you, what will she do, you aren’t able to talk in English. Jagat says Omkar will help us. The lady says we can’t give admission to Mikki, as you both are uneducated. Principal gets angry when Jaya argues. He says sorry, we can’t enrol your daughter.

Jaya gets upset. She leaves. She cries and says we tried so hard and still Mikki’s admission didn’t happen, its because of Omkar. Jagat says you are mistaken, maybe Omkar is stuck in work. She asks the driver to stop the auto. She shows Omkar and Shivika at panipuri stall. Jagat gets angry and leaves. Omkar says now I will drop you home. They leave. Gupta asks Triloki about the unique Vaasty dosh puja. Triloki says human can’t see everything in one life. Gupta says what appears isn’t true. Jagat and Jaya come home. Jaya gets angry. Triloki says havan is complete, you can get up. Omkar and Shivika come home. Jaya scolds Shivika.

Omkar asks what did Shivika do now. Jaya says Mikki’s admission didn’t happen. She scolds them for not letting Mikki’s admission happen. Gupta says Omkar loves Mikki as we love her. Jaya says I know, but Shivika has done this, she is at fault. Shivika says dad told me that you are sitting in havan. Triloki says its Shivika’s fault, I should have told names that Mangal and Maya are sitting in havan. Jaya says Shivika should have called and asked us. Shivika says I have called you, you disconnected the call. Jaya says I was getting insulted in principal’s cabin.

Shivika apologizes to Jaya and Jagat. They cry. Shivika says its all my mistake. Omkar says its my mistake. Jagat says I have waited for you here, you didn’t come, I told them you will come. Omkar hugs him and consoles. Jagat says I m sorry, I should have studied as well, I will get Mikki educated. He goes crying. Mangal asks Omkar not to worry, Jagat isn’t upset. Shivika says I m sorry. Omkar goes.

Triloki gets happy and reads Mangal and Jagat’s statement. He laughs and says you have much love and unity, I will see until when their love stays, I will ruin their unity. Shivika comes home. She stays sad and thinks of Omkar. Alankar comes to her and acts friendly. He asks her to be with Omkar. He says even Omkar should support you. She says he always supported me, he didn’t scold me. She praises Omkar. He gets angry and asks am I bad, fine then. She goes. He says my night will start when you sleep with me, I will pray for that night.

Triloki gets slapped by Gupta. He pushes Gupta. Omkar and Shivika get against.

Update Credit to: Amena

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