Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra dev laughs on ganesh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yamraj thinking I should tell mata parvati. Yamraj turns and says mata, I was eager to tell you about this coming danger, and since I came here I tried many times to tell you but I was always stopped because of something and all the celebration. Yamraj says mata the same time has come which had come one year ago on ganesh ji’s birth, when his head was cut, this danger is coming again on the same day this year. Yamraj says ganesh ji’s life is in danger again from a threat that can hurt him, something has to be done mata, chitragupta ji saw the kundli of ganesh ji and he saw a threat imminent to his life. parvati gets angry and says who are you and who is chitragupta ji to see my son’s future? Today is ganesh’s birthday, how dare you tell me that his life is in danger? I will kill you for this sin. Parvati takes a trishul and enters it in yamraj’s stomach.
Suddenly yamraj opens his eyes as he was day dreaming, he thinks it is too risky to tell mata, if she gets angry then she will kill me. yamraj goes with devi priyank as he walks out of kailash and comes near his bull.
Bhom goes back to his mother and says mata, I went to kailash but was insulted by mahadev’s arrogant and rude gan. Devi prithvi says son, they may not have insulted you, no one is stopped from coming to kailash, everyone is welcome there. Bhom says no mata, those gan were rude to me but I wont let anyone stop me from meeting my father. mahadev may have forgotten me but I will tell him who I am, they were busy enjoying the birthday of their son ganesh but what about me? I will go to kailash again and this time no one will stop me!
Yamraj there thinks I did wrong, by being scared of death I am risking ganesh ji’s life and putting it in more danger by not telling mata parvati, I am the god of dharma, yam lok and death, I have to tell mata. Yamraj tells devi priyanka to go and he will come from behind. Yamraj walks back to kailash palace.
There kartiekya and ganesh are eating all the sweets and various delicious foods, ganehs is looking at all presents given to him. kartikeya says ganesh you ate everything mother made, and are also eating what mami laxmi and aunt saraswati gave you but you haven’t eaten what devi sachi and other goddesses made for you, wont you eat that? if you don’t then they all will be sad. Ganesh says wait brother, I will eat everything, let me eat properly. Kartikeya laughs. Parvati smiles, nandi comes to parvati and says mata today is ganesh ji’s birthday so the maha pooja in the evening will be for a long time, I have done the preparations. Parvati says yes nandi, I will do the pooja now. Ganesh and kartikeya are done eating and ganesh’s stomach becomes very huge. Parvati says ganesh and kartikeya, you both have had your fill, now go and walk so that you digest the food as ganesh seems to have got a huge stomach. Ganesh and kartikeya say okay and they go to walk around kailash. Parvati goes for the pooja.
Yamraj comes and says to nandi, I want to meet mata parvati and tell her something important, it is very urgent! Nandi says yamraj, you have to wait because mata is going to do the maha pooja now. Yamraj says okay I will wait and he thinks today whatever it is I will wait till late, I have to tell mata.
Ganesh and kartikeya are walking and ganesh is slow as kartikeya walks faster. Ganesh says brother you keep walking ahead, I wont be walk so fast, I will come from behind. Kartikeya says okay I will go to father’s meditation place, you meet me there. Kartikeya goes. ganesh then says I wont be able to walk, he calls mushak ji. Mushak ji comes and thinks why did prabhu call me? maybe he wants me only as company to walk. Mushak says come on prabhu, lets walk. Ganesh says I did not call you for company mushak ji, I cannot walk more now, I will sit on you. Ganesh sits on mushak and says come on lets go. mushak falls down from the intense weight and says prabhu I am not able to life myself with you on me. ganesh says come on mushak ji, as mushak tries and walks and walks, he stumbles and both ganesh and mushak fall down. Chandra dev sees this and he laughs and keeps laughing looking at ganesh and mushak. Ganesh looks at Chandra dev and is angry.

Precap: Ganesh becomes huge to take hold of Chandra dev. Bhom is coming back to kailash.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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