Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Badnam restaurant to go Dubai.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janab keeps eating, Tiwari says you were talking about new hotel, Vibhu asks whats your plan of action,Janab says just get ready for Dubai,Tiwari asks what formalities need to be completed,Janab says passport and 20 lakhs,Vibhu says we didnt have to invest anything,He says im taking you Dubai for crores business and you cant invest 20 lakhs,Vibhu whispers say yes ,Tiwari asks where will i manage money,Angoori says sell some land,Vibhu says i will oay later from our incomes later,Angoori says Punjabi sir we are ready for it.

Boys say how will manage Arabic,Malkan says Saxena will teach us,Punjabi says if you cook such delicious food we will earn in millions,and we will be all over the Dubai,bhabhiji just pack me some food i will start publicity right away.

Angoori walks to Vibhu,Vibhu says uncle isnt here yet,Angoori says im waiting for him as well,Vibhu says what if he is a fraud,Angoori sags no ways,he is a millionaire and 20 lakhs is just a number for him,Daddy arrives,Vibhu hugs and kisses him, Daddy says enough let me see my daughter now,Angoori calls Tiwari, Tiwari goes and hugs him,Daddu says its for my daughter and not you,its for her talent and its all over the world,Vibhu says uncle it was my idea,Daddy says good job and i heard you sing good as well,and one more thing i dont want this 20 lakh,i want 20 crore back, Angoori says with your blessings surely we will and do show my daughter deserts.Vibhu says i will.

Anu putting banners all over the town of her gromming classes,a shaikh walks to her,and says if you come with me to Dubai abd open your grooming classes,Anu asks who are you,he says im Shaikh Darling you can call me Darling,Anu says disgusting name,and i won’t come with you,i love my country,(the shaikh is tiwari and says if she would come Dubai with me it would be fun). Shaikh starts dancing and Anu joins him,Anu says Tiwari get uo where are you lost and i had recognised you long back and what all is this,see you in guest house we will talk.

Vibhu in Shaikh atire walks to Angoori,Angoori says welcome Vibhuti,Angoori asks what will you call neighbour in Arabic,Vibhu says my love,call me now,Angoori says okay yes my love,Vibhu imagines dancing with Angoori. Angoori asks him where are you lost all good.

Boys and hapu in cape start dancing at tea stall,Saxena walks to them,and says boys today one important thing about arabic people they are very loving,Hapu asks how do Arabic walk, Saxena asks did you ride a camel how did you feel,Hapu says like a roller coaster,Saxena says similar let me show you.

Saxena says now very famous culture of arabics,they always kiss eachother, Saxena says ket me show you and kisses malkans cheeks,Tilu says wow we will kiss girls now,Saxena says only men kiss eachother dare you kiss a girl you will be sued common practice now.All kiss eachother and hapu kisses commissioner by mistake.

commissioner says i was here to ask to resume the duty but its extended now.

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