True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-6)


Next day…..

In the morning While zara was going to her clg ,she saw abeer is fighting with some guys.

Zara(in mind): what’s this!That day misha praised a lot about him.But here,he is fighting like a roadside goons.spoilt brat…

In clg….

Misha:zara,lets go “live life”…

Zara:live life?

Misha:its our canteen name.


Zara:Ok..lets go to live life

They sit in a table.



Khusi:I am going to order something


While khusi was coming with foods someone pushed her and fell down her food.

Khusi:aahhh….hey.stop.where are u going after dropping my foods.

That person is sam.sam is talking with someone over phone.

Sam turned .

Sam:How dare u talk to me like that.

Khusi:u dropped my food.

Sam:its your fault,chasmis.

Tia and zia came there.

Tia:do u know with whom u are talking.u should say sry.

Zara:why khusi say sry?its her fault.

Sam:Now…who is this behenji?

Misha:zara.her name is zara.And her name is khusi not chasmis.


Misha:say sry to khusi,sam

Sam:are u out of your mind.I am not going to say sry to this chasmis.

Misha:so u are not saying sry.


Sam started walking.

Misha dropped her down by her leg.she fell on foods and her dress become spoilt.

Everyone started smiling on her.

Sam :How dare u,misha

Zara,khusi and simi chuckled.

Misha:As u sow u will reap

Sam:youuu(with anger)

Misha:lets go ….

Simi:wait ,misha.i click some pictures.i am posting it on Facebook.


Simi:oopps,sry.i already post it.

They left.

Sam:I am going to spare them.They will pay for this.

Tia:yes.u r right.

Zara and khusi searching their classroom.while they are passing a room zara heared something and stopped.

Zara:(in mind)wow…what a nice voice.who is singing!i should check.

Zara entered into the auditorium.she saw the person who is singing is Abeer.

Zara:(in mind)its his voice.he sing well.his voice is nice.but he don’t.

Khusi:zaraaa…what are u doing here .we are getting late.

They left.

Abeer turned back.

Abeer:(in mind)why i felt that someone was there a while ago.



Few days later…..

In clg…..

Two boys clicked zara’s pic and talking rubbish.

1st one:she is behenji type.

2nd one:but she is hot yaar.

1st one :u are right.if she wear small dresses she will be look more s*xy.

Abeer heard their talking.He came there with anger and grabbed their collar

Abeer:How dare u to talk something like that about a dare u to click her pictures.

One of them:whats your problem,abeer.if u want u also can take pictures.why are u becoming angry.

Abeer become more furious and started beating them.

Armaan and ankush,simi reached the spot .

Armaan:what happened,abeer!why are u beating them?

Abeer told them everything.

Armaan and ankush also come to help him.

Abeer snatched their mobile from them.

Abeer:Delete this pictures right now.

While they are talking with them zara also reached the spot.while abeer was deleting her pictures mobile dropped from abeer seen her pictures on mobile screen.she thought it’s abeer mobile and Abeer click this .

Zara become angry on Abeer and started scolding him.

Zara:what the hell!How can u be so cheap.

Abeer:What are u talking zara.what i did ?

Zara: Don’t be innocent.How dare u to click my pictures without my permission.what are u going to do with my pictures.

Abeer:zara,u are mistaken.i didn’t cli..

Zara:just shut up.

Armaan:zara,at least listen to him.

Zara:why i should listen.infact i am not understanding how can u all do friendship with him.


Zara: Don’t utter my name.That day when i saw u fighting with some boys i thought u are a goon.but today i came to know that u are cheap minded also.

Saying all this zara delete her pictures and left from there angrily.

Abeer also angrily left from there.

Misha:what happened!zara.why are u looking so furious.

Zara: Because of your frd.

Misha:My frd.who?


Misha:Abeer!what he did!

Khusi told her everything.

Misha:No ,zara .U are mistaken .Abeer can’t do this.we know him.

Zara:I think u dont know him fully.

Armaan came there.

Armaan :u dont know him,zara.

Armaan explained her everything.

After realizing her mistake zara went to say abeer sry.


Abeer is sitting alone with anger in a bench near a pond.

A girl came there.


Abeer turned and get up.


Girl:Actually i came to say u thx.U and your brother helped my sister alot.That day u teach them a good lesson by beating them.

Abeer: don’t need to say thx.

Zara listened all their talks and understand why he was fighting that day.

Zara felling really guilty.

Zara:(in mind)what i did.i mistook him.

After leaving that girl zara came in front of Abeer.seeing her Abeer become more angry.

Abeer:Now why u come here.leave from here before i do anything in anger.

Zara:Abeer…i am really really sry.that time u are helping me but i rebuke u.sry for this.

Abeer:Keep your sry with u .I don’t want your sry and u in front of me.

Zara:sry…..pls forgive me.

Abeer:i said…leave(said loudly with anger)

Zara :plss..

Abeer:leave(more loudly)

Zara left from there.

Zara tried to convince him many days after that incident.But abeer didn’t convince.

After 4 days….

Zara is waiting for bus.Abeer also came there.(his bike broke thats why he came for bus).

Zara(in mind):Today..i become very late.even bus also coming late.Today i have to go alone.i hope khusi took her medicine and slept.

She saw abeer standing in line.

Zara:what is he doing here?khadus……i tried to say him sry but he is throwing me attitude.i know its my mistake but i said sry.Now i am not going to say him sry anymore.khadus…akhru kahika….

Abeer also see zara.

Abeer:(in mind)this girl is very strange.Always stay in thoughts.she has no sense about right and wrong.Always look less,smile less.i gone to help her but she rebuke me.Helping her means digging well for yourself.

After few minutes later bus come.They get into the bus.

There was only one seat left in bus.Zara is about to seat there but abeer sit there.

Zara:(in mind)what kind of boy.A girl standing here.but he is sitting here.i know he is doing this purposely.

Zara facing problems standing there .peoples pushing her.

Abeer noticed it.he stood.

Abeer:zara,u sit here.

Zara:No ,thx.

Abeer:pls sit.

Zara:but i dont want to sit

Another passenger sit there.

Passenger:But i want to sit …..u both continue your argument.

Abeer:U like argument,right.because of your argument we both miss the seat.Now both are standing.

Zara:Excuse me,mister.u start this.Dont blame me.its your fault.

Abeer:yes.u are right.

Both turned their faces on different side.

Suddenly bus stopped .Zara bumped with Abeer.They are looking eachother adorablely.

Chapter end……….☺️☺️☺️☺️



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