Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update – Chandradhar allows Bihula to take along Lakhinder’s body.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakhinder’s mother pleading Chandradhar that to please perform Pooja of Devi Mansa for your son’s life or I’ll too sacrifice my life while Devi Mansa is thinking will he sacrifice his ego but Chandradhar says addressing Mansa that after all Devi Mansa you won but Mansa thinks he hasn’t yet lost his ego & Chandradhar says if at all you have taken my son’s life then too I won’t lose my faith in my Prabhu Mahadev & won’t ever do your Pooja but my Prabhu will bring back my son’s life again & Devi Kadru also says he is still stubborn after losing all his son’s too then too not thinking about his family how can it be.
Chandradhar egoistically keeps saying my Prabhu will return my son’s life by my devotion & meditation to him & leaves while Bihula is hearing him shockingly.
Nagmata Mansa is blaming herself saying that it’s because of me I troubled Chandradhar squeezing all his son’s lives & also in my devotee’s life I brought trouble squeezing her husband’s life only because father Mahadev gave me this impossible task which he knew but I accepted & now I will stop my fight of achieving title of Devi while Ganesh explains her to not to lose hope as I have read the Kundli of Bihula who isn’t a simple woman & who’ll definitely do something so to wait for some time but Mansa instead ignores him & leaves telling him to not to stop me now.
Saha is searching his Brahman Gajanan while Ganesh comes in his disguised form to meet him explaining to do that what I advise you without disclosing anybody while Chandradhar is arranging his son’s funeral.
All are trying to calm Bihula who remembers what Ganesh had told about her Kundli & gets up screaming while all are shocked. Bihula watches Lakhinder emotionally remembering about he had expressed his love towards her while his mother is calming her & Chandradhar comes to take his body but Bihula isn’t allowing him crying in emotions & giving him the reason that his life will return through my faith of my devotion.
Saha also comes to explain Chandradhar that if body is taken on Banana tree’s wood through sea by a widower than it’s heard that her husband’s life returns through her faith & love proved towards her husband’s devotion getting blessings from Gods but Chandradhar is reluctant to send her alone.
Ganesh in Brahman Gajanan form also comes to explain Lakhinder’s parent’s that to not to lose faith in devotion of a woman towards her husband which can change her life while Saha also pleads him to not to stop her now as it’s her responsibility for her husband & I have full faith in her devotion so finally Chandradhar accepts their advice.
Bihula is happy remembering about Ganesh’s prediction about her hence gets ready to leave.
Bihula takes leave from Chandradhar & her parent’s & also prays Devi Mansa to help for her achieve her goal while Chandradhar wonders she is praying Devi Mansa instead Prabhu Mahadev.

Precap: Bihula asks help from Devi Kadru to make her reach till Devi Mansa & she advises her to go to Swarglok where meeting is in process & if you reach than might be you achieve your goal & she takes oath to reach there anyhow.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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