Indiawaali Maa 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rohan gets the project to vacate Anand Nagar


Indiawaali Maa 14th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr. Murti convinces Rohan he can earn ten times as much in construction business as in fashion. He says they plan to build shopping mall in Anand Nagar but the people are not ready to vacate the land. If he is able to convince the people and vacate the land, it’s a great business opportunity. Rohan was unconvinced as he has no business experience in construction line. Mr. Murti says he did not an experience in the fashion business as well. He encourages him to explore his capabilities and rise in life. Rohan thinks about his insults from Hasmukh in front of his friends. He decides to do it. Mr. Murti vowed to de-root this Anand Nagar.

Kaku signs the contract of rent. The broker warns them to pay the rent timely. Kaku was worried how she will manage here. Hasmukh makes a call to arrange for some money. He had to send bank account details when he drops his mobile. He tries to pick it up but gets dizzy. Some men around help Hasmukh. Kaku returns to the stall and looks for Hasmukh. She tries his number but it was powered off. She gets extremely tensed and asks the stall owner to take care of their luggage.

At Mr. Murti’s residence, Rohan asks his team to fine some loophole or any weakness against Anand Nagar. He shares with Mr. Murti that residents of Anand Nagar have not paid their taxes that are worth the price of their houses for every family. If tax department is informed, each family will have to sell their houses to pay the dues. Mr. Murti was happy to hear this. Cheenu comes home.

Kaku was hurriedly walking when Hasmukh calls her by name from a road side. She thanks the men to take care of him. She asks Hasmukh why he is always elevating her troubles, and takes him to their new rental house.

Mr Murti gets excited and slips on his way. Rohan and Cheenu both hold him together. Vasu and Mr. Murti were happy to see her. Mr. Murti hugs Cheenu. Cheenu says they must be thankful to Kaku and Hasmukh for making her realize their worth. Before she leaves India forever, she thought of spending time with them. Meenu asks where she is going, and when? Cheenu tells her she will leave for Paris in a month for internship, then her permanent job is in USA. She goes upstairs with her luggage. Rohan goes for a visit to Anand Nagar.

Vasu discusses with Mr. Murti that the family who came for proposal of Meenu inquired about Cheenu. She lied to them that Cheenu and Rohan are married, but both do not even look at each other. She wish they live as a couple at least for fifteen days, till the guests are here. Meenu overhears the conversation.

Rohan gets in Mr. Murti’s car. There, Kaku also heads towards Anand Nagar. Kaku and Hasmukh reach Anand Nagar. Hasmukh loses his balance and falls near a lady, she stares at them. The lady senses he was unwell, and inquires if they are new. Kaku says they came just today. The lady scolds some young men around to come and help these old people. She holds a broomstick and beats the boys forcing them to help. She introduces herself to Kaku and Hasmukh as Lakshmi, an old tenant. Rohan’s car stops by. Hasmukh drops his medical file. Kaku bends to pick up the papers.

PRECAP: Kaku’s electricity goes out in the dark at night. She goes out to fix the fuse with a wooden stick. Someone was spying on their house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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