Gupta Brothers 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Veeru humiliates Jaya in drunken state


Gupta Brothers 14th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alok and Veeru hugging each other in the hotel. The manager tells that many people came here due to landslide on the way. Aditi says that unwanted guests have come here. Veeru says we are happy to come here. Manager asks if you are together. Jaya and Aditi say no. Aditi asks Manager to give the keys. Jaya says mine please also. Manager says sure. Aditi laughs. Jaya asks if you have any problem. Manager brings the keys and gives garden view room keys to Aditi and mountain view room keys to Jaya. Aditi says she wants it. Manager asks her to get it from Jaya. Jaya refuses when Veeru asks her to give them keys. Alok asks Aditi not to spoil the mood. Aditi says I didn’t come here for spoiling my mood for Jaya.

Ganga tells Shiv that she wants to call them. Shiv takes her phone and gives to Rajat. He says kids has gone out and asks her not to worry. Ganga comes to the function at the neighbors’ house. The neighbor taunts Ganga for not having kids and sending others for honeymoon. She asks how you will get children if you sleep with Rajat on terrace. Amba takes a stand for Ganga and asks if they will ask you before starting their family.

Aditi makes Alok drink wine and asks not to behave like kids. Jaya laughs seeing Alok and asks what are you doing? Aditi says why are you ruining our honeymoon, when you can’t celebrate yours. Alok asks where is Veeru? Jaya says I didn’t know. Aditi asks him to sit and drink wine. Veeru comes there and says Alok you are doing wine? Alok says it is just wine. Aditi says Alok has become little stylish, but you don’t deserve it as don’t know how you will handle it. She says if bull is made to drink then who will control it. Alok asks what is this misbehavior? Aditi says it was a joke and says I will say her sorry. Veeru takes wine from the waiter and drinks. Alok and Jaya try to stop him. Aditi says something exciting will happen in your honeymoon now. Veeru gets drunk and finishes the bottle. He says you don’t know me Aditi and tells that nothing can happen to his body with a less amount of wine. Alok tries to hold him, but Veeru asks him to handle his wife. He gets drowsy and is about to fall, when Jaya holds him. A couple says why did he drink, when he couldn’t handle. Aditi asks Alok to come with her and says Veeru’s wife will handle him. She takes Alok with her. Veeru asks who is bull now, tell me? Alok and Aditi go to the room and see the decorated bed. Aditi gets surprised and asks did you do this? Alok asks did you want this? Aditi says it is better than she wants. She says we are alone, lets celebrate. She takes the champagne bottle in her hand and says you are already drunk. She says you will handle me if I get drowsy and tells that this is the first time when we got the stay together.

Song plays sab tera..….They spend some romantic time together…… and dance. Veeru sings song…Jaya asks him to handle himself. Veeru asks her to handle herself. He falls on a lady. Jaya apologizes to them. Veeru gets angry on the waiter. Manager asks him to go and rest. Veeru asks why and says he will beat him. Manager asks Jaya to handle her husband else he has to call the Police. Veeru says how she will handle me, she is 1.5 phasli. The couple feels pity on Jaya. Aditi says today is our first night and nobody can stop us today. Alok asks who was stopping us? Aditi says your ex..Jaya. She asks him to say I love you. Alok says I love you. They hug. Aditi sleeps on him. Alok smiles and thinks wine stopped us from uniting. He thinks Bhaiyya says right, that wine is a bad thing. He makes Aditi sleep on the bed and kisses on her forehead. Jaya brings Veeru to the room. Veeru asks why did you bring me here, asks if she couldn’t bear when he was enjoying? They fall on the bed. Veeru asks her to move and asks what is she trying to do. He asks do you want to have honeymoon and asks did you see your face? He says I came for my bhaiyya and bhabhi, as they wanted and asks her to be in her limits, as he hates her so much so that he wants to break his eyes, rather than seeing her to end the problems.

Precap: Jaya runs out of the hotel. Alok saves her from getting hit by the vehicle. Jaya asks why did you save me? Alok says I will be with you always. Aditi comes there and bashes up Jaya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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