Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganesh tells story of mata gaur.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya finishing the story of mata katyani and her Pooja. Ganesh says brother kartikeya, the world has changed, everywhere knowledge has vanished and even children don’t know whom to pray because they don’t remember even the name of the gods, the gods have become weak and parents have sought not to take care of their children, the world is turning into a waste. Kartikeya says this is because of durgamasura! Because he has taken devi of ved captive and due to her absence everything is falling apart. Ganesh says we should go and ask mata. Kartikeya and ganesh to to adishakti’s temple, adishakti appears and kartikeya says mata, what do we do? The 9th day of Navratri is yet to be over, you and mahadev have to be brought together and even rishi jageshvi is outside to his last breath. Adishakti says ganesh, you planned something and complete that! then you shall have the result of it yourself. Ganesh and kartikeya go out and they hold rishi jageshvi, ganesh says rishi var, we know you want to see mahadev but we need only some time! Till then we want you to gather your strength and sit here and meditate of mahadev. Rishi jageshvi says okay and he tries and sits.
Ganesh and kartikeya come back to the palace as brahmins. Next day, ganesh and kartikeya tell devi sarla and raja devodas the story of the 8th devi form, Mata kalratri. Ganesh says mata kalratri sat on a tiger and her fierce avatar taught everyone what time was, and because of that the world remained at a balance. So by praying to mata kalratri, all our problems go and we manage everything easily. Ganesh and everyone do the Pooja and aarti of devi kalratri.
Kartikeya and ganesh then tell the story of mata gaur. Kartikeya says this was the most divya and holy avatar of mata adishakti, which sat on a cow with dressed up white. Mata gaur’s avatar was necessary for the world. In flashback, mata parvati prays to shiv ling and ganesh comes back from his prayers. He says mother I am hungry. Parvati says I will make food now and the preprations in the kitchen start. Parvati goes and starts praying to shiv ling again. brahma dev sees and says to devi saraswati, parvati needs to know who she is! She is meditating but now it is time for her avatar, the avatar of Devi gaur. Saraswati says who will do that? brahma dev says I cannot get parvati into taking that avatar, only mahadev can do that. brahma dev goes to mahadev in Kailash. Mahadev says what happened brahmadev? You came here so suddenly? What troubles you? brahma dev says mahadev, it is time now that devi parvati takes the avatar of devi gaur and you have to make her take that avatar. Mahadev says but brahma dev, how will parvati take that avatar? Brahma dev says I have a solution to that!
Brahma dev says mahadev, you have to insult devi parvati such that she has to take the avatar of devi gaur. Mahadev says what? How can I do that to uma! Brahma dev says there is only this solution that will make parvati take the avatar of devi gaur.

Precap: Mahadev goes worried in the palace to talk to parvati and insult her. Parvati smiles as mahadev comes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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