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I looked at the sky and saw dark clouds surrounding the bright moon. It reminds me of that day.Memories flow through mind just as how a river flows. A tear slipped through my eye. Heavy thunder came n droplets of rain began to fall down. I closed my eyes hoping for my pain to disappear the way like the clouds.

Why why u left me?? I love you so much still now I can’t forget about you. I love you this much that I stay away from you just for ur happiness. I know you love her n not me. But my stupid heart can’t even seem to get a grasp of that concept. I love you……




A guy was leaning on a windowsill  he looked at the dark empty room. Suddenly the door opened a girl came in  she put on the lights mumbling something , she asked   have u not eaten yet?? He nodded no. She told how many times do I have to tell you that aunty is calling you so come and eat.He was standing not even making a sign of moving.She came near him she put her hands on her hip and  she told him either u move or ill make you move. He looked at her with longing. She holded his hands n pulled him. He touched her face, she disappeared.

A tear crossed his eye n fell on the ground. The room brightly lit became dark again  dark as the darkness around him.



Hi guys this is ur princess writing after a long time ?. Hope u like this story n ill update all my other ffs soon.

Here my tu family I’m back , hereafter ill update regularly . Love you all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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