Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mandhrachal pulls everyone inside.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people saying our cows and everything is going inside this mountain. Nand says we should have listened to kanha before, this would not have happened. Kanha says now listen to me, everyone get back to the village because if we stand here we will be in more danger, mandhrachal is not going to leave anyone and slowly he is going to pull all people inside the mountain as he has come under the influence of kansa. Kirti says but jaidev is inside, suddenly everyone hear jaidev screaming for help. Kirti says I cannot leave my son like that in danger. Kanha says nothing will happen to jaidev brother, if we are all safe then we can find a plan to save jaidev brother too. Brij bhanu says we should listen to kanha because before we did not and all this happened. All people say lets go and everyone gets back to vrindavan, kanha says now do as I say, go inside your houses and don’t open the doors or windows at any cost! Keep yourselves safe inside the houses. All people go.
Radha comes and says gwale, what are you planning now? kanha says radha, I found jaidev brother, he is inside the mountain and we will save him but first I have to go to confront mandhrachal and to do another work. Radha says even I and brother balram will come. Kanha says no, balram and you stay here and protect all people from mandhrachal. Balram says we should listen to kanha and stay here. radha and balram stay.
Kanha goes to rishi gargacharya. Kanha says what do I do rishi? To defeat mandhrachal, I have to take kurma avatar. Rishi says kanha, you can take the kurma avatar under no circumstances at all. If you take kurma avatar, then mandhrachal and kansa will come to kill kurma avatar. Kanha says mandhrachal has to be stopped.
In the village, radha and balram are telling people to go in the houses. All friends come and say even we want to help. Balram says no you should go back to your houses. The friends say no brother, even we will help. Balram says see there is danger and mandhrachal will pull you all inside, so please go home. the friends say but wont he pull you too brother? Balram says I am bal ke dham balram, nothing will happen to me, you guys go home. The friends say okay you are bal ke dham but what about radha, wont she be pulled? Radha says forget it, you are kanha’s friends and wont be convinced without him. balram tells the friends to go ahead and help. As balram goes, suddenly the storm gets strong and all friends hold onto each other. Balram says stay put, don’t leave your hands friends. Radha holds to a pillar of a house. The friends are then lifted by strong air and are pulled inside mandhrachal. Balram and radha are sad. Suddenly even radha is being pulled, kanha runs to save here but even radha is pulled by mandhrachal inside him.
Inside mandhrachal mountain, all friends gather. Radha goes and hears the sound of cows mooing. She finds the cows. All friends come there and radha says the cows are all safe here. radha then says lets find jaidev brother. Everyone start finding jaidev. They call him and then they hear a slow voice saying help me. everyone find jaidev, radha goes and holds jaidev as he is lying on ground. Jaidev gets up and says I have been trapped here. radha says how to get out from here brother? Jaidev says radha there is no way but only one! You can go from here only if you die. Everyone is scared.

Precap: Shokracharya puts all the evil powers in the gold crab, it becomes very huge and becomes a powerful Karkasura. Karkasura fights kurma avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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