Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh kills andhlasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh fighting andhlasura. Ganesh uses a shield as he defends himself and protects subodh and datinki from andhlasura’s fire. Subodh says mother you did wrong and adharma by calling andhlasura here, father had to pay for his sins but mama andhlasura’s fire could have killed us both if ganesh ji was not protecting us right now. datinki realizes her mistake. Andhlasura says subodh is right, my powers from the fire can kill my sister and nephew but now I don’t care, if anyone dies, I will take my revenge by killing ganesh. Andhlasura says I don’t care even if my sister datinki and nephew subodh die from my fire, I will kill ganesh.
Datinki says what have I done! I called my brother to take revenge of my swami’s death but he is ready to let us die as well. Ganesh uses his powers and throws away andhlasura deep inside a hole inside the earth as andhlasura falls into hell. Ganesh then says mata datinki, i gave gyarahi many chances and he had to die because he had done many sins, I wanted to bring peace between demons and gods but gyarahi wanted to take revenge and wage war amongst everyone! Ganesh says I killed gyarahi because if I hadn’t, he would have killed your son subodh and my disciple! Datinki has tears and says forgive me prabhu ganesh ji, I did not think before and even I fell into the trap of revenge for my swami, you protected my son and me and I shall always be grateful for that, forgive me ganesh ji. Ganesh smiles. Suddenly andhlasura comes out and laughs, he says what did you think? I died? I can never die!
Indra dev says who is andhlasura? Why hasn’t he died yet? Kartikeya says yes, even I am confused. Brahma dev says andhlasura is the son of yamraj. Kartikeya is shocked and says son of yamraj? How? Mahadev says yes, andhlasura is the son of yamraj, though yamraj is the god of death and the spirit world, he once fell in love with an apsara and had a child with her, he was andhlasura. Later yamraj knew the woman was part demon too, andhlasura became evil since birth even though yamraj always made him understand to follow dharma, andhlasura always followed adharma. mahadev says then yamraj told him to pray to brahma dev so that he would be pure of all evil, andhlasura rather took a wish from brahma dev and became a powerful demon, then he left his palace and started living as lava beneath hell. Kartikeya says then how will ganesh kill him?
There andhlasura says I can never be killed ganesh, I can never die. I am immortal. Ganesh says no you are not, only mahadev is immortal in this entire universe and Lord Vishnu, Brahma dev, Mata parvati,saraswati, laxmi, my brother kartikeya and also me because I was blessed by my karma! Only we are immortal, the gods and goddesses also live only by their karma. Ganesh says you will die andhlasura.
Ganesh becomes even huge than andhlasura and then uses his trunk, he says andhlasura I will make you my food, you shall die. Andhlasura is shocked. ganesh uses his trunk and pulls andhlasura inside his body.
Mahadev says so much fire and heat inside ganesh’s body will cause a trouble.
There ganesh gulps andhlasura. Indra dev says finaly, andhlasura is dead. All gods say we should thank ganesh ji, they and kartikeya go. there as ganesh stands in his rudra form, all gods and kartikeya come. Ganesh is still angry as his anger increases in his rudra form. Kartikeya and gods try to calm down ganesh but he is angry. Subodh then starts singing a prayer and all gods join with kartikeya, ganesh’s anger slowly calms down. Ganesh then takes his original size and indra dev says prabhu, we thank you for killing this demon. Datinki says thank you ganesh ji, forgive me for what I have done. Ganesh smiles and blesses subodh, subodh says prabhu, I am honored and grateful to have gotten your darshan! Subodh and datinki go. suddenly ganesh’s stomach starts paining, he screams as his stomach pains and then falls down. Kartikeya and gods are shocked, kartikeya says what happened ganesh? Are you fine?

Precap: Ganesh’ stomach pains due to the excess temperature of andhlasura’s fire. Kartikeya asks mahadev how to calm down ganesh’s stomach?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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