Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha feeds sudhama butter.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha bringing sudhama home. yashoda welcomes sudhama as kanha says he will live with us from now in vrindavan with his siblings. Yashoda then says sudhama where are you from? Sudhama says from a village away from brij mandal mata, I came here from kashi. Yashoda says from kashi? How is that? sudhama says mata, my govinda saved my life in kashi and brought me here. kanha is worried and thinks sudhama please don’t say this to my mother. Yashoda says who is your govinda? Sudhama says mata, he is my govinda, sudhama points at kanha. Kanha is worried. Yashoda says govinda? But he is kanha. Sudhama says he is only my govinda. Yashoda says what is this kanha? sudhama is calling you govinda, why? kanha says mother, in sudhama’s village everyone call their loved ones

and friends as govinda, so sudhama just means that I am his friend and calls me govinda. Yashoda says oh, okay. Yashoda goes inside to bring butter.
Kanha says sudhama I told you right? Don’t say any words like, prabhu, govinda or bhagwan in front of my mother otherwise she gets angry on me. Sudhama says but prabhu, what do I call you? kanha says now govinda is okay, but I am your friend so stay with me as a friend. Sudhama says what are you saying prabhu, how can I do that? you are my prabhu and how can I stay with you as a friend? Kanha says sudhama, just listen to me and don’t say the word prabhu again because if my mother hears then she will burn red chilies and give us its smoke and hit us with sandals, sudhama says okay prabhu I will listen to what you say. kanha says from today call me friend or govinda, nothing else. Kanha hugs sudhama. Then yashoda brings butter and gives them. Kanha says I shall feed you sudhama, sudhama says what are you saying govinda? You are my god, how can you feed me? Kanha smiles and he feeds sudhama, sudhama then feeds kanha as they eat butter happily.
There pondrik is coming towards vrindavan as a disciple of kanha and lord Vishnu, he plays a small instrument. As balram is going by from the place, he comes with some friends and says who are you? what are you doing here? pondrik says I am hari. Balram says your name is hari? Pondrik says you can say so, I am the disciple of shree hari Narayana Vishnu so I call myself hari because prabhu Vishnu lives in everyone. Balram says okay, where are you going? Pondrik says where the road takes me but I shall come to vrindavan. Balram smiles and says okay, I asked you as there are many demons here but you are welcome to vrindavan, we are happy to welcome a disciple of lord Vishnu to our village.
There radha comes to kanha and says gore, today is our birthday, everyone will be celebrating it. kanha says so what? Radha says see gore, I am radha and my father has 1 lakh cows, I made a surprise for you so now even I want a gift from you. kanha says okay, lets see.
There kanha and radha get ready for the celebration. They are made to sit on a swing and all people of vrindavan gather as all village is decorated! The people start singing, sudhama and his siblings also sing and do bhakti of kanha. The gopi’s dance and then balram come singing and says it is kanha and radha’s birthday! Balram dances with his friends as yashoda and kirti do the Pooja of radha and kanha.

Precap: Pondrik dances and prays, and dances until his feet bleed. People watch in shock as pondrik waits for Vishnu to give darshan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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