Saam Daam Dand Bhed 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Danger Looms Over Vijay

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul panics that Mandira may harm their child. Vijay says she will not as child is key for her to stay at his home, she will panic seeing her less importance in this house and will be quiet till child is born. Mandira in her room thinks how can Bulbul be pregnant. Bulbul walks in and says she brought a protective thread for her. Mandira asks for her? Bulbul says for her both children, she wants them both to reach their destiny safely. Mandira asks how can she be pregnant, when she got pregnant, she came to know, but why did not Bulbul realize. She keeps Bulbul’s hand on her tummy and asks to take its oath that she is pregnant. Vijay hears their conversation. Bulbul thinks how can she lie and says her child will born from Mandira’s womb. Mandira thinks if Bulbul is really pregnant, then she will be in trouble.

Baba orders Vishal to get Vijay murdered. Vishal gives supari/ransom money to supari killer. Mandira drops ghee on stairs and thinks if Bulbul is not pregnant, her truth will be out and if she is pregnant, her child will die before coming into this world. Bulbul prepares Devi maa’s veil. Madnira knocks door and takes her down. Bulbul walks on stairs and slips on ghee, but Vijay holds her. Vasu sees ghee on floor and asks who dropped it. Bulbul thanks god that Mandira did not sleep. Vijay says even she should be careful. Bulbul says they both have to be careful. Vijay takes Bulbul to room and says she was wife and now becoming mother and asks not to attend ganapati visarjan with him, else Mandira will get suspicious.

Next morning, Gayatri asks Angad to serve sweets to everyone as Bulbul became pregnant. Visarjan rituals start. Baba’s hired goon plants bomb in Vijay’s car. Sadhna asks Vijay to take Bulbul for visarjan. Vijay says Mandira will be suspicious, so they should not take Bulbul along. He sees car dickie open and walks to it, hears sound and searches, but Sadhna calls him and he closes dickie and leaves. Vijay and Bulbul then perform pooja with family. Vijay lifts ganapati idol. Sadhna asks Bulbul and Mandira to go in. Bulbul stands chatting with Viay. Goon gets tensed seeing bomb timer reaching its end. Vijay smiles at Bulbul and walks towards car.

Precap: Vijay opens car door and car blasts. Bulbul shouts Vidhayakji..

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