Papa By Chance 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan gets caught

Papa By Chance 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ullu sleep walking. Amrit and Bela fight. Bela tries to get the ring. Ullu goes to have food. Mohini keeps the food bowl. Yuvaan worries. Bela and Mohini get arguing. Amrit asks them to be quiet now. Yuvaan goes and catches Ullu. Amrit says you both go to your rooms now. Yuvaan takes Ullu to room. He ties Ullu’s foot and goes out to sleep. Gungun stops him and asks him to switch off lights. Yuvaan asks her to do it herself. She asks why did you get us here. He says I m your dad’s friend. She says we are not fools, we know you kept us here to show judge aunty. He says no.

She asks who killed our mum and dad, tell me. He recalls Aashvi’s words. Gungun says you can never understand my pain, don’t say if you don’t want, I will find their murderer. He asks her to go and sleep. He goes and says even I understand this pain. He thinks of Samraj. He says I m becoming responsible, I didn’t kill the kids’ parents, how to tell kids that they committed suicide, I m not scared of anyone. He gets troubled by mosquitoes. He sees Amrit. She calls him cheap. She taunts Yuvaan.

He goes to Amrit’s room and says she has made rules, its my talent to break rules. He likes her room. He says she has planned all her life. He sees her designs and likes it. He checks photo album and sees childhood pics. He sees his pics blackened. He says I will see her. He spoils her pics too. He sleeps on the bed and switches on cooler. Bela and Amrit sleep. Amrit gets disturbed by Bela’s snoring and goes upstairs to her room. She hears kids snoring and thinks Yuvaan is snoring. She comes to her room and sleeps on the bed.

She gets shocked seeing Yuvaan. She screams. Bela and everyone wake up, and ask what happened. Amrit beats Yuvaan and asks how did you enter my room. Bela gets rat trap. Mohini shows Yuvaan. Amrit says I told you, this man is cheap, throw him out. Yuvaan says I fell asleep. Amrit says you have a room, why are you sleeping room. He says I got cooler here. They argue. Bela scolds them. She asks Yuvaan to get cooler from her room. He taunts Amrit. She says if you are sleeping here, who is snoring in your room. Yuvaan worries and lies. Amrit says I will go and see. He says there is no one, listen, trust me. Amrit enters the room. He gets tensed.

Ullu says I have an idea to get answers from Yuvaan. Gungun says maybe he got sleeping after having pill. Yuvaan admits that he did the accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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