Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev tests upmanyu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandra dev saying to upmanyu, take this golden pot, it has all the milk you want and with it you can help other children and people who are poor and have limited resources or none. Upmanyu smiles and says yes I can take this pot, Chandra dev thinks my plan worked and upmanyu has failed his test as he wants this pot. Upmanyu says but if I take this pot, and help the needy people then they will no longer work and everyone who is needya dn poor should work and strive to gain what they want, if I help them then after all more people will turn needy and there will be more poverty. Upmanyu says I will pray to mahadev until he gives me darshan and ask for a boon to help the whole world. Chandra dev understands and thinks, this kid upmanyu has a divinity in him, I am grateful to have witnessed him pray. Chandra dev goes.
Upmanyu sits and continues praying. Mahadev smiles and parvati says what now swami? Mahadev says upmanyu has to be tested, if he is strong enough to face anything because even the power of his meditation is causing problems to the world. Nandi understands and says prabhu, I shall go. mahadev says yes nandi, you will go and test upmanyu. Nandi thinks I understood mahadev’s sign. Parvati says nandi ji is very strong, no one can face him then how will upmanyu face nandi? Nandi goes and he takes the form of Airaavat, the elephant vahan of indra dev. Nandi goes as airaavat and says to upmanyu, kid upmanyu stop your prayers because the power of your meditation is too strong and is troubling the gods, if you don’t stop now then I will run and ram into you and kill you. Upmanyu opens his eyes and says, airaavat ji, I am causing no trouble to you and my prayers to mahadev are so that I can have his darshan, and also so that I can drink milk from his hand. Upmanyu says but I will protect myself using my meditation and its power. Upmanyu closes his eyes and starts praying again. airaavat runs towards upmanyu. Upmanyu prays and meditates and his power creates a very strong weapon, all the power of the planets is pulled into making the weapon. A storm appears and the clouds thunder. The weapon created is Amoga astra. Parvati says mahadev, upmanyu has gained your amoga astra through his meditation. Mahadev smiles. All gods and goddesses are worried. Brahma dev says no one can stop amoga astra but mahadev himself. parvati says it is time to intervene mahadev, otherwise nandi will be killed by amoga astra. Mahadev says yes and says I will take the form of Devraj indra, parvati says I will take the form of dev sachi. Both mahadev and parvati go.
Mahadev appears as indra dev and parvati as devi sachi. Mahadev stands in front of the amoga astra and takes it inside himself. upmanyu gets up. Mahadev as devraj indra says, kid upmanyu stop this meditation as this power is troubling the gods, you dared to stop my vahan airaavat. Upmanyu says but what wrong have I done? I am praying and meditating to my prabhu bholenath, I just want to drink a bowl of milk from his hand then why should I stop? Indra dev says ask for forgiveness because you are entitled to punishment now, I will punish you. upmanyu says why should I be punished when all I am asking is my father to appear, mahadev is the father of all and mine too. I am just praying to my father so that I drink a bowl of milk from his hand, and I will not stop. Upmanyu closes his eyes. Mahadev smiles but continues to test upmanyu and he removes Vajra astra and summons lightning. Devi sachi tells upmanyu, child ask for forgiveness from airaavat ji and stop this, you will be safe, don’t make indra dev use his lightning on you. upmanyu says devi, your eyes reflect the same love as my mother, I see you are worried for me but you shouldn’t as mahadev will protect me. upmanyu then sees the power of indra dev, mahadev attacks lightning and mountains get destroyed. Upmanyu then says prabhu, you seem mighty and powerful, the lord of the world. Upmanyu says he prabhu Sureshwar, all gods and goddesses say the name and parvati thinks young upmanyu has given a beautiful name to this form of mahadev. Upmanyu says prabhu forgive and I ask forgiveness from you and airaavat ji. Mahadev is impressed by upmanyu.

Precap: Mahadev blesses upmanyu and gives him a boon, an ocean of milk named kshir sagar and mahadev himself feeds milk to upmanyu from a bowl.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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