You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 15

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RECAP : Shakthivel meets Revathi Jr and Azhagar meets Karthik. Rethik in car blackmailed by Amruth, Karthik’s phone breaks. Rethik’s promise to each other.


Scene 1 :

Revathi Jr : How will you call your father then? If you call through my phone then it will be a mess.

Karthik : Oh yeah, I will call through Phone booth.

They go to PCO and Karthik calls Shakthivel.

Shakthivel : Karthik, where are you? Why is your phone switched off? I tried calling you many times.

Karthik lies to him that his phone’s battery is dead.

Karthik : Sorry pa, I will reach there right now. I was with my friend. I will drop him and come.

Shakthivel : Okay, but come fast. We are worrying.

Karthik : Okay dad, I will.

Revathi Jr : What did he say?

Karthik : He told me to come as soon as possible.

Karthik decides to drop Revathi Jr using his car only as she is his next priority after his parents. Revathi Jr kisses his forehead.

They go happily.

Scene 2 :

Revathi Jr comes home.

Azhagar : What took you so long?

Revathi Jr : Sorry pa, actually I met my best friend after so many years, so I got happy being with her. That’s why I came late. (She lies to him)

Andal : Okay, go and sleep. It’s time. Whenever you go out, call us before reaching here.

Revathi Jr : Okay ma, goodnight to both of you! (Hugs them)

Azhagar and Andal : Good night da.

They all go to sleep.

(The same incident happens at Karthik’s house)

Scene 3 :

Karthik’s sleeping till 8:00am. Suddenly alarm from his phone rings. He stops the alarm, sees Revathi Jr’s photo on his lock screen and smiles.

Karthik : You are my angel, I love you so much darling! (He kisses her picture on his lock screen)

But this was his dream!

In reality, Karthik keeps murmuring “I love you” thinking of his lady love…

Revathi Sr enters his room and gets shocked witnessing his wierd behaviour and splashes water on Karthik. He then wakes up.

Karthik : Ma! What happened? Why did you pour water on me?

Revathi Sr : What happened to you? You kept on blabbering ‘I love you’. For whom did you say these?

Karthik somehow manages and says that his loves his mom so much. He then hugs Revathi Sr sincerely.

Revathi Sr : Why sudden affection? I also love you da. Come and eat breakfast. We are waiting for you.

Karthik agrees and she goes.

Karthik gets awkward regarding his dream. He later on realises that his phone hot broken but he lied to his parents.

Karthik : No, I can’t hide this, I will tell the truth.

After 1 hour,

He comes to the dining hall.

Karthik : Mom, dad, one important news.

They ask him to tell.

He spills the beans about his phone. He also adds that the blackmailer threatened him again and made him angry.

Revathi Sr and Shakthivel get shocked and ask Karthik to control his anger.

Revathi Sr asks him to use her old phone. But he has to take it to repair.

Karthik agrees and goes.

Shakthivel : I won’t leave the blackmailer!

Scene 4 :

Karthik’s in phone repair shop to repair Revathi Sr’s old phone for temporary use. Hi work gets done and leaves the shop.

Suddenly some men kidnap and put him in their car.

Karthik asks them to leave him alone. He tries to beat them but he fails.

They reach a forest and Karthik is thrown out of the car. They are in a very faraway place.

Karthik is tied up in the log of a tree by the goons. The blackmailer also arrives there.

Karthik : Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?

The blackmailer removes his mask. Karthik gets damn shocked seeing Amruth.

Karthik : Amruth!! You?

Amruth : Yes of course! (He laughs)

Karthik gets angry.

Karthik : How did you get out of Canada jail? You know the rules in Canada are not like India. Did you do any crime?

Amruth : I need not tell you all these. Is somebody blackmailing you? It’s none other than me you loser!

Karthik kicks him a lot.

Amruth : It didn’t pain. I’ll call your father, let him be tensed.

Karthik asks him to stop.

Scene 5 :

Shakthivel gets a call.

Amruth : Haha, your beloved son is kidnapped by me. What are you gonna do now?

Shakthivel (shocked) : Hey! Where is he? Leave him alone, or else…you will face my wrath.

Amruth : I know you must be respected as you are elder. Don’t even think he can be saved by you. He will be in my custody.

Shakthivel : I need not talk to you. I will definitely save him.

Amruth : Wow! Let’s see if you can.

He ends call.

Shakthivel gets angry and faints.


Next episode promo : Revathi Jr is with her two friends going for sightseeing. They go to the same forest area where Karthik is kidnapped. But they are unaware of him being kidnapped. Shakthivel and others try to track Karthik through phone.


Will Revathi Jr be able to save Karthik? 

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