Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha goes to saved laxmi.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha praying to brahma dev. He meditates and hears a Shakti mantra and opens his eyes, kanha says who is reciting the Shakti mantra? It seems like balhuk is saying the Shakti mantra as he is taking the powers of the rishi kumars. I have to be quick and save them otherwise devotion will be destroyed from this universe. Kanha continues praying to brahma dev.
Kansa and bhadraksh reach a cold place and kansa says laxmi is hiding here, we shall go and I will marry laxmi. kansa laughs. bhadraksh says come on bhagwan, lets find that laxmi. kansa and bhadraksh walk in the snow and suddenly some heat reaches them and they feel the burns. Kansa says who is that? who laid this trap come in front of bhagwan kansa. Mahadev’s avatar, kaal bhairava appears and says angrily, kansa how dare you come here? go away from here, don’t make me kill you. kansa says it is kaal bhairava. Bhadraksh says kill him bhagwan. Kaal bhairava removes his trishul and kansa removes his sword. They both fight and kaal bhairava throws away the sword. Bhadraksh says bhagwan, he is the form of mahadev, he cannot be defeated so easily. Kaal bhairava then attacks trishul and cuts the head of kansa. Kansa falls down dead, bhadraksh cries and says my bhagwan is dead, what do I do now? kansa then laughs from his severed head and joins his body back. kansa attacks kaal bhairava and sends him flying away. Kansa and bhadraksh continue walking and they come to a cave where they see laxmi meditating. Kansa says dear laxmi, I have come to you to take you to Mathura, I am going to marry you because I love you. laxmi continues praying and bhadraksh says bhagwan she didn’t hear you. kansa tries again but fails and then says these gods don’t hear unless I have created some noise. Kansa stamps the ground with force and everything tremors. Laxmi then opens her eyes and says kansa what are you doing here? kansa says I tried to tell you with love that I want to marry you but you didn’t listen, so I guess I have to use force on you now. laxmi says don’t do adharma kansa, I curse you that soon your end will be near. Kansa says gods have cursed me for years but nothing happened, I will marry you. kansa takes laxmi to Mathura. laxmi goes willingly as she believe in herself and Vishnu.
In the palace in ashva lok, balhuk uses Shakti mantra and takes the power of 2 rishi kumars, the other 2 say balhuk don’t do this! If you do then bhakti will be gone from this universe, you will regret whatever you have done later and will be punished for this. Balhuk says I wont regret because I will rule this world from now.
Radha is sad and she goes home as she sees people discriminating on the basis of color of a person and says everyone looks at me like I am a dirt on the face of humanity. Radha goes sad and locks herself in her room. radha and brij bhanu try to call her out.
Narad muni pleads to mahadev to save devi laxmi because Vishnu dev has gone to dhyan lok and she needs to be saved from kansa. Mahadev denies and says I cannot because only radha herself can save devi laxmi, she has been affected by ratnakar but needs to stand back and save devi laxmi. narad muni understands and goes to radha, he tells her kansa has taken laxmi to Mathura and radha needs to gets herself back now and save laxmi because only she can do it. radha understands and she meditates and summons a form of mata kali from her powers. Radha turns into mata kali and goes to Mathura.
Kanha is praying to brahma dev but is unable to focus as balhuk has taken the powers of half of the rishi kumar and devotion is slowly disappearing from the universe. Balhuk uses his powers and takes all the powers of all rishi kumars. Kanha stops meditating and senses devotion has disappeared, he thinks what to do now?
Radha takes mata kali form and goes to Mathura as kansa is about to put a garland in devi laxmi’s neck. Radha stops him and says kansa, your end is here, if I want I can kill you right now. kansa gets angry and says I will show you my adharma now. kansa removes a sword but radha throws the weapon away using her dagger. Kansa removes a gadha but radha throws gadha away too. Bhadraksh says she is very powerful bhagwan. Radha uses her powers and ties kansa using a spell. Kansa gets angry and tries to break the spell but fails and says why am I not able to break this spell? Radha says it is your adharma that is weakening you, that is why you will soon be killed, I can kill you now but I wont because Paramavatar shri Krishna will kill you. radha takes devi laxmi and goes. Kansa is released and he screams in anger and then laughs again.
Narad muni goes to kanha and says prabhu, you have to take a new form, the form of a half man and half cow to defeat balhuk because he has taken away the powers of rishi kumars and is going to kill them. The cow is the most sacred animal in the universe and is powerful too as it gives milk to everyone, take the new form and defeat balhuk. Kanha understands and takes a new avatar.

Precap: Kanha goes in his new form to defeat balhuk. Balhuk says he will kill the rishi kumars. Radha starts meditating to understand the change in her body color and its purpose.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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